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Debate over floating and sinking is a waste

Q. I was watching Oprah and heard a doctor say that poop should never float. Why?

Health professionals have been debating the causes of “floaters” versus “sinkers” for years. Some believe floating is caused by excess fat in the stool as a consequence of digestive disease. Others maintain that gas is the culprit. If you feel well and have no diarrhea or other symptoms, it makes little difference.

‘Canadian' pills didn't work

Q. With Nexium more than $4 a pill, I ordered it from an online Canadian drugstore. When the pills came, they were from India, and they were generic. This medicine did not work, and now I have my asthma and cough back. What can I do?

Acid-suppressing drugs such as Aciphex, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec and Protonix can relieve reflux. Some people with this condition develop other symptoms, such as asthma or cough, as a result of acid irritation. If your medicine is not working, your condition might be aggravated.

You have discovered one of the pitfalls of using an online pharmacy. Not all Canadian pharmacies are in Canada. Some source their medicines from around the world to get a better price. We are sending you our Guide to Saving Money on Medicines with tips on how to tell if an online Canadian pharmacy is legitimate.