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Daylight saving is the perfect time to buy a new clock

We spend a lot of time glancing at it, but not nearly enough time appreciating the nuances of the mighty clock. Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, and whether it’s an analog or a digital clock you’re resetting, if your clock isn’t making your heart go tick, tock, it may be time to shop.

Aimee Beatty, a stylist with Pier 1 Imports, says daylight saving time offers the perfect excuse to have some fun decorating with clocks.

“Keep things playful by choosing an unexpected or offbeat choice,” she says, using the store’s Tabletop Owl Clock as an example. “Play with scale by choosing an oversized clock that looks great on an empty wall or over a mantle.”

Because so many of us have stopped wearing watches, relying instead on cell phones and electronics to tell time, Melody Davidson says clocks are more important than ever. If a gadget isn’t close by, it’s easy to glance up at a wall.

“I think of clocks as another way to express your personality when accessorizing your home,” says Davidson, owner of Interiors by Melody in Prairie Village, Kan.

“I consider clocks a cherished accent - they aren’t just time pieces,” she says. “Many are works of art.”