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Tips to help your dog stop jumping on people

Dogs tend to jump up naturally to greet people because they’re eager and excited. While your dog’s intentions are harmless, this might annoy some people, and it can be dangerous if a large dog jumps on a child or elderly person. Here’s how to help stop your dog from jumping on people.

Ignore the jumping. The best way to teach your dog not to jump is to show him that jumping won’t get him any attention – positive or negative. Ignore your dog when he jumps on you. Don’t make any eye contact or speak until all four feet are on the floor. At that point, calmly praise your pup.

Turn your back. Another tactic is turning your back on your dog until he stops jumping. Once he stops, turn around and praise him and then pet him.

Incompatible behaviors. Teach your dog to do something incompatible with jumping. For example, your dog can’t jump while he is sitting or lying down. Teach your dog “sit” or “down” as an alternative. Calmly praise and reward your dog when he holds the sit or down.