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Want more pay? Take more selfies

You may find this hard to believe, but Australian researchers say the number of selfies you take may have an impact on the number of dollars in your paycheck.

The Job Factory, an employment service Down Under, says employees who take the most selfies get the biggest pay hikes. The company suggests people who take a lot of selfies have a lot of self-confidence, which is a plus when looking for a job or seeking upward mobility.

“Meek employees who sit in the corner with their eyes glued to their computer screens might be great workers, but they do not always stand out when bosses are thinking about who to reward during pay reviews,” Job Factory director Craig Binnie said in releasing the report.

The company surveyed 287 employees in Australia, Singapore, the USA and UK who started their jobs at $40,000 a year and had received a pay raise in the past 12 months. Workers who had posted more than 20 selfies a month received raises averaging 3.7 percent; those who did not have a social media presence or who posted fewer than 20 selfies received an average raise of 2.4 percent.

That small difference, however, can mean a lot. In 10 years the first group would be getting $57,523 salary if the pay hikes remained the same while the second group would receive $50,706, The Job Factory said.