Why your family should consider hosting a foreign exchange student

Borderless Friends Forever, a North Carolina based non-profit program, currently has 6 students living in the Charlotte area and going to Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Theses students hail from Brazil, France, Mexico, Spain, and Thailand and are enjoying living with and being a part of local families’ lives. They will will soon be joined by more international students coming for the second semester who need caring families to host them as well, January to June. Additionally, Borderless Friends Forever is seeking host families for the 2017-18 school year.

Why host a student? What will your family learn by hosting an exchange student?

1 - Perspective

Hosting is your chance to change the world for the better by helping us propel our vision of a more peaceful world into existence. By opening your heart and home to an exchange visitor, you are creating a connection like no other. While your student is here, he or she will gain a new perspective on American culture. Equally important, you and others in our community will also gain a new perspective on the student’s culture. It is with this new perspective and in getting to know the student, that people everywhere start to realize that we are as similar as we are different, perhaps more so.

2 - Molding the future

Hosting is your chance to help mold future world leaders. Whether your student grows to be a business professional, a politician, or a stay-at-home parent in the future, the experience they have here, the relationship with you, their host family, will help write on the slate that is their future.

3 - Fun

Hosting is also a lot of fun. Having an exchange visitor living with you is a way to see your own world through fresh eyes. Take an exchange student to the grocery store and what once was a mundane task of necessity, has become an exploration of the cereal aisle!

And while adding a child to your family temporarily may sound intimidating, in reality it is not complicated at all. Host families offer their student:

  • A place to sleep
  • A place to study
  • 3 meals a day
  • Love and assistance with daily life (TLC)

Students have requirements and responsibilities as well, which include:

  • Their own insurance (provided by program)
  • Their own spending money (provided by their natural families)
  • Participating as a member of the family
  • Maintaining good grades and behavior

Would you like to learn more about hosting to see if it’s for you? Please attend one of our upcoming Interest Meetings at 6pm on October 11th, 20th, or 25th. RSVP and get location details by emailing or calling our local Community Advisor, Alisa at / (505) 715-2161.