Serve up tasty fun during National Pasta and National Pizza Month

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This month may as well be dedicated to my youngest child. Not only is Halloween on the horizon, it’s also National Pasta Month AND National Pizza Month. His three favorites - candy, noodles and pizza - all rolled into one! To celebrate this carb-loading month, we’ve gathered recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, featuring fun ways to serve up pasta and pizza all month long.

Noodles, noodles, everywhere

Breakfast pasta: While pasta may not be the first menu item that comes to mind when thinking breakfast, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t. Mixed with scrambled eggs and cheese, this breakfast pasta is quick and easy, but tasty and filling as well.

Lunch pasta: While cold spaghetti might not sound appetizing, there are a lot of pasta salad dishes that are perfect for a lunchbox and don’t require reheating. Try this favorite that holds up well, is simple, and best of all, doesn’t get soggy.

Dinner pasta: Some like sauce, some like it plain; one wants meat, the other wants veggies. Try a pasta bar for dinner by cooking up a big batch of plain noodles, making these 3 quick and easy sauces (a red, a green, and a white), add bowls of cheeses, cooked chicken, bacon, shrimp and chopped veggies, and everyone can pick and choose how to make their own perfect pasta.

Pieces of pie

Breakfast Pizza: Pizza for breakfast doesn’t mean reheated pepperoni from last night. Try these three unique spins on morning pizza - bacon, egg and avocado, sausage and hash brown, or granola, fruit and cream.

Lunch Pizza: Kids seem to love the idea of a Lunchables pizza, so why not create your own version, keeping it on the healthy side. Try out Lisa Leake’s version here.

Pizza Dinner - Much like pasta, everyone seems to want something different on their pizza. So why not try making a family quilt pizza - everyone gets what they want and it looks fun too.

Sorry, moms, you’re on your own to figure out how to serve up the Halloween candy morning, noon and night!