Charlotte mom creates all-in-one maternity, breastfeeding and hands-free pump bra

Ah, the joys of the nursing bra....great for feeding baby, not so great for exercising or going out. Charlotte mom Kate Rech knows that dilemma first hand and has created a solution for new and expectant mothers in The Anywhere Bra™ by Ollie Gray™.

The combination maternity, breastfeeding and pumping bra was designed by a former lululemon designer and combines style, function and comfort, making it easy to nurse or pump directly from the bra. The bra is secure, designed to work with any pump on the market, and offers an added level of freedom by simplifying life for busy moms. Additionally, the bra holds the pump firmly in place for hands-free pumping, features an easy release clasp for breastfeeding, and comes with a privacy cloth made from antimicrobial, anti-wicking, SPF 50 fabric, with magnetic neck clasp.

While the product has been tested with over 30 moms and has been through several prototypes, Rech is looking to raise $10,000 to help fund the final production run and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to reach that goal.

For more information, including colors, sizes and details, visit And check out the Kickstarter here.