|ɡrō| offers small group workshops and field trips to Charlotte students

We all want our kids to become successful, enthusiastic life-long learners. Here’s a way to help that process, and to get a special Charlotte on the Cheap discount too. [ɡrō], founded by Shannon Bognovitz, a former teacher with 15 years of classroom experience, offers educational and developmental support for individuals and groups, specializing in private tutoring and project-based learning.

For a limited time, [ɡrō] is offering several small group workshops with field trips, as well as a team-building experience, at a discounted rate when you mention Charlotte on the Cheap. You may sign up for as many as you like. These workshops integrate different disciplines in fun ways that kids will love. Study geometry through architecture and through art at the Bechtler Museum. Dissect an owl pellet, then visit the Raptor Center. Create an interactive brochure and then delve into local history on the Charlotte Liberty Walk.

These experiences are perfect for homeschoolers, but can also be scheduled on weekends or during school breaks and teacher workdays for kids who attend school. Here’s Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools’ calendar, so you can check which days your kids are out.

When you see the price below, please note that it’s the price for the whole group, not the individual student. [ɡrō] Educational Workshops & Field Trips include:

Workshop #1: Geometry City and the Bechtler Museum (grades K – 8)

Students will design their very own city that incorporates grade-level geometry standards. We will then have a guided tour at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Uptown Charlotte and experience OpArt, a three year period in the sixties when “artists used geometry, math and vibrant paint colors to create an optical illusion that seemed to vibrate and move on two dimensional surfaces.”

Retail Price $285

COTC Price $205 (Price includes up to 6 students, materials and admission fees.)

Workshop #2: Raptor Study with Owl Pellet Dissection and the Carolina Raptor Center (grades K – 8)

Students will study owls and other birds of prey. Owls cannot digest fur and bones and those indigestible bits are compacted into a pellet which we will dissect. We will then take a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville where they rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds as well as provide homes to those that cannot be released back into the wild.

Retail Price $365

COTC Price $240 (Price includes up to 6 students, materials and admission fees.)

Workshop #3: NC during the American Revolution and the Charlotte Liberty Walk (grades K – 8)

Students will study Charlotte, North Carolina history during the time of the American Revolution. We will create an interactive brochure to take on the Charlotte Liberty Walk. We will experience 18 markers on the trail of history and also engage with an app that will allow us to learn more about what Charlotte was like during this time period. Retail Price $270

COTC Price $195 (Price includes up to 6 students and materials. Admission fees do not apply.)

Team Building (all ages, youth and adult)

Groups will work together in a fun and challenging way with a focus on developing specific skills that you choose. Skills include collaboration, communication, problem-solving, trust, strategic-thinking, cooperation, planning/adaptability, self-challenge and creativity.

Original Price $100 – $150

COTC Price $70 (4 – 8 participants); $80 (9 – 15 participants); $90 (16 – 20 participants)

Please note:

All educational workshops will be developmentally differentiated for learners K – 8.

Price includes up to 6 student participants, materials and admission fees. Additional students may be added, $50 each. Max of 10 students per workshop.

These are 4 – 6 hour experiences, including drive time to field trip. Upon request the workshop can be done over two days, instead of one. Team Building is a 2 hour experience.

Additional transportation cost may be added if lesson location is more than 30 minutes outside of Uptown Charlotte.

Parents are responsible for providing transportation for field trips. At least one adult from the group must chaperone on the field trip and pay any admission fee (Raptor Center, Bechtler Museum).

How to Get the Deal

Fill out contact form at http://www.gro-ed.comand mention COTC. While visiting their website, sign up for their email list and “Like” them on Facebook.

Request workshop and submit payment for your experience by October 31, 2016. (PayPal, Venmo, check/money order)

Workshops can be held now through April 28, 2017. Deadline for scheduling is January 31, 2017.

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