“Grace for President” premieres at CTC just in time for Election Day

What better way to teach your children (and maybe even refresh your own knowledge) of democracy and the electoral process than in song and fun? Children’s Theatre of Charlotte has exclusively commissioned the world-premiere musical adaptation of Kelly DiPucchio’s New York Times’ 2008 bestselling book “Grace for President” just in time for Election Day.

Timed just right for this year’s election season, “Grace for President” not only inspires children, but it also teaches them about the confounding process of the Electoral College and our democracy – all in fun, whimsical musical numbers.

“It’s important to show all children they can – and should – dream bigger than what history books may have taught them,” Adam Burke, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte’s artistic director, said. “We’re proud to take a lead in showing children the power and possibility in believing in their dreams.”

“Grace for President” makes its world premiere October 21 and runs through November 6, the Sunday before Election Day, including a signed performance at 11 a.m. on November 5 and a sensory-friendly performance at 4 p.m. on October 23.

Tickets start at only $12. Visit for more information or call the Box Office at 704-973-2828.

Book synopsis:

In 2008 New York Times bestselling book, “Grace for President,” Kelly DiPucchio introduces us to the loveable and brave Grace Campbell.

In her elementary school classroom one day, Grace learns there has never been a female president.

“No girl president? Ever?” she asks, incredulously.

Grace decides then and there to change that and become the first female president, starting her road to the White House by running in her school’s election.

Soon, Grace learns she’s in for a rough-and-tumble election season with the school’s spelling bee champion and soccer team captain, Thomas Cobb. Thomas claims to be the “best man for the job,” after calculating the boys’ votes would give him 271 electoral votes – just one more than he needs to claim victory. Grace bravely campaigns, instead, on being the best person for the job.

After Grace’s teacher, Mrs. Barrington, assigns each student a state to cast his or her electoral votes for, and after Thomas and Grace campaign hard to win this nail-biting election season (268 votes for Thomas and 267 for Grace), it all comes down to Wyoming -- the Equality State – with its three electoral votes.

Sam, a boy, casts the Equality State’s three electoral votes for Grace, and she wins the election, beginning her newfound career goals to become the first female president.