Book review: ‘Marisol McDonald and the Monster’

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The title of this month’s picture book pick, Marisol McDonald and the Monster, may catch you by surprise. Since it is October, you may have thought the book is about Halloween, but it doesn’t. Marisol McDonald and the Monster, written in English and Spanish, is about a little girl who happens to love the letter M. Before bed one night, she hears a strange noise coming from below, and thinks it can only be one thing. A MONSTER!

Consumed by her scary thoughts, Marisol creates her own monster to fight the one she believes is living below her room. When the late night bumps continue, she and her family finally take a walk downstairs. To their surprise, something is down there, but it’s far from the monster Marisol suspected all along.

Title: Marisol McDonald and the Monster

Author: Monica Brown

Illustrator: Sara Palacios

Target Age: 4 - 7 years

Want to check this book out from the library? they’ve got 10 copies available here!

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