Ditch the training wheels at Learn to Ride event

I still recall (and recoil at) the memory of the first time my husband tried to teach my son to ride a bike. He was way too young but both were eager and the endeavor ended as any seasoned parent would have predicted - in tears and frustration. That’s the beauty of “Learn to Ride,” a not-for-profit, 100 percent volunteer series of events to grow Charlotte’s cycling community - no tears, no frustration.

Learn to Ride uses the “balance bike” method to get cyclists pedaling along in no time. Parents should bring their kids, their kids’ bikes and helmets. Soon-to-be-riders will have their bikes checked and helmets fit, then their training wheels and pedals will be removed and the seat lowered. This allows riders to stand comfortably over the bike and “walk” the bike using their feet, progressing from halting steps to longer strides, and eventually lifting their feet and coasting. From there, it’s smooth sailing and when the time is right, the pedals are replaced and the riding begins.

The event is designed for kids and adults of any age who want to learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels, is fun and free, and is made possible in partnership with Bicycle Sport and Trips for Kids Charlotte, with support from Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, Mecklenburg County Public Health, and well-run media + marketing.


WHERE: Marion Diehl Rec Center, 2219 Tyvola Road CLT 28210

RAIN LOCATION: 932 Siegle Ave. CLT 28205

WHEN: Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 11AM to 1PM

For more information visit