The joy of family vacations

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Experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, and seeing images from the Internet come alive are great reasons to travel with your kids. Not only is it a great way to learn together, but a wonderful bonding experience. Going away together for a local day trip to long weekend brings families closer and gives kids a perspective that extends beyond their hometown.

Make It a Crowd Pleaser

There should be a balance between what the kids will enjoy and what the parents will enjoy. Everyone needs to get some of their wants met during their vacation. Have a conversation with your children about the importance of accommodating each other. Explain a vacation can’t be one-sided in either direction. It’s never too early to learn the art of compromise.

Be Flexible

Some trips go better than planned and end up going without a hitch. Others are accompanied by logistical nightmares, language challenges, and reservation snafus. When one of these unwanted occurrences happens, flexibility is the key to overcoming it. Approach it as a real-life teachable moment for your kids. This is a time when a family relies on each other, learns how to solve a problem and adjust expectations.

No Matter Where You Roam

Whether it’s a far-flung trip across the world or a simple excursion across town, kids build upon their base of knowledge. If you have the opportunity to take your kids to another country, they will be exposed to different time zones, gain a better understanding of different languages and world geography. Going local, you can visit ethnically different areas, stores, and restaurants within your city or across your state. It doesn’t matter how far you go, it is important to get your kids out there in the world.

Reap the Benefits

Kids gain an enormous amount of knowledge within the walls of their school. However, beyond textbooks, there is a big world out there waiting to be explored. There is so much to be gained from going places. There is a true value to hearing different languages, smelling exotic markets, and interacting with people from a different country.

Taking your kids to new places, it will be worth the time and effort you put into it. Get your kids out there and start your family on the road to many shared memories and a greater understanding of the world.

Sara Kendall has traveled halfway across the globe with her kids and lived to tell about it. Stay tuned to hear about family destinations around Charlotte and beyond. Check out more of Sara’s travel at her website or email her at