Charlotte mother creates ‘Family Honor Plate’

Charlotte mother Michelle Weber has recently launched a parenting tool designed to get families back to the dinner table - the Family Honor Plate. Highlighting nine important characteristics, the Family Honor Plate creates a family meal dynamic that helps illustrate role modeling, character building, encouragement, social skills, and self-confidence. The nine characteristics are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Inspiration for the plate came from Weber’s own life. Weber had one daughter who was a gymnast and Olympic hopeful while her younger daughter had been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Searching for a way to level the playing field and raise both her girls to be equally confident, strong and happy, she decided to look beyond the physical and focus on what made each child special and beautiful -- their character. And that’s when the Family Honor Plate was born.

The idea behind the plate is simple, but the message is powerful. Each family -- or family member -- creates their own unique Family Honor Plate using food-safe paints to express their vision. The plate is painted, baked in the home oven to make the paint permanent, and then is ready to use as a parenting tool. Knowing communication skills are the foundation of healthy relationships, Weber also created the Table Thyme Discussion Cards, an extensive set of questions that help family members reconnect as they share about everyday as well unique topics, thoughts or memories that aren't usually brought up or may not even be thought about at all.

Family Honor Plate kits can be purchased online at and include:

Ceramic Family Honor Plate to be painted by YOU!

8 Vibrant USA-made enamel paints

3 Paint brushes

1 Painter's palette

1 Plate stand

Bonus Pack of Sample Table Thyme Discussion Starters

Online Support through Parenting and Instructional videos created to encourage and support you.

Visit or for more details.