Reserve your spot at Campowerment, a playtime for women


We schedule it for our kids, but it’s just not making our own to-do lists anymore.

That’s why thousands of purpose-driven women from all over the US are flocking to CAMPOWERMENT, the first ever sleepaway camp for grown women, to help us let go, laugh and play and figure out where we are find our way back to happy!

I’m a divorced single Mom, with lots on my plate, but I ran away from home with my girlfriends to this piece of Nirvana on a hilltop in Malibu. It was life changing.

We thought Charlotte could use some reigniting, so we begged the Campowerment team to come to share a mini version of the real deal…to taste the excitement that happens at the weekend retreats, helping thousands of stressed out moms take a time out to re-boot their lives.

On Sunday, January 29, at Temple Beth El, from 1-5pm, they’re serving up a 4-hour slice of the life-enhancing, perspective-shifting Campowerment experience that's getting shout outs from O! The Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, the Today Show, More Magazine and many others. It’s an afternoon of fun and games, cocktails and snacks, and some eye opening wisdom from the creator of Hulu’s "Mother Up". Marnie Nir is the Campowerment expert who changed my life. She will totally change yours, too.

So, I bet you’re thinking, "What exactly IS Campowerment?"


It’s the 3.5 day overnight camp experience that blends the fun and games of childhood summer camp, with empowering workshops designed to help women live life better. Through the power of play. Got that? Ha! It’s a totally nature! How great is that? No IPhones, no texting. NO KIDS yelling, "MOOOOMMMM!" It’s all about reconnecting with YOU, alongside an amazing sisterhood of women also struggling to juggle all that life throws at them. Bunking together in cabins helps take some of us out of our comfort zones, making room for personal growth and the pursuit of passions we didn’t even know we needed.

I didn’t even know what I actually needed, until I got to camp.

And I left with so much more than I could ever imagine...I regained my spirit.

And did I mention the Experts? The best! While we’re having all this crazy-fun, we are also learning game-changing, easy to implement tools to help re-ignite our lives! Each camp hosts a dozen of America’s best Experts/TED Talkers/Thought Leaders in health and wellness, love and sex, parenting and productivity, food and fitness, yoga and meditation, body language, business empowerment, entrepreneurship and energy healing. Fantastic!

So, come play, on Sunday, January 29th at Temple Beth El, from 1-5

and see what all the fuss is about!



Make a mini commitment to live life bigger. Tickets here: