A mom to meet: Carline Sitterud of Curvaceous Closet

The Curvaceous Closet truck is a mobile clothing store in Charlotte, North Carolina. They specialize in selling clothing to women sized 4-24 and offer private home parties.
The Curvaceous Closet truck is a mobile clothing store in Charlotte, North Carolina. They specialize in selling clothing to women sized 4-24 and offer private home parties.

Mom of 4- Carline Marie Sitterud, 41 of Weddington, started Curvaceous Closet in June of 2014. In the past 7 months, Carline’s business has been growing exponentially every month! By bringing a fully stocked truck to festivals, events, and private parties, Sitterud is outfitting women across Charlotte. Keep reading to hear more about this mom’s fantastic mobile clothing store!

Q. How did you come up with the idea for a mobile closet?

A. Funny story actually... I believe everything happens for a reason and last year during Spring Break, my friend Pamela and I went to Myrtle Beach. We were talking during breakfast and she had asked me if I still wanted to go into Nursing... I said nooo. I was 40 and I didn't want to start all over with school. I've always wanted to create a clothing line, but it was so hard to get it up and started. Pamela then said, well, why not do a mobile clothing store? And that's where it all began!

I thought it was a fantastic idea. I did a ton of research to see if it was a viable business then researched my market and within a month I bought a truck, had it completely renovated and stocked with clothes! When I have a goal in mind, there is no turning back.

Q. How does it work?

A. If ladies want to host a Private Home Party, they call me up, schedule a day and time that works out for her and her friends. (I always recommend creating a Facebook Event or an Evite online) I show up about 30 minutes before the party, to set up. The hostess comes in to shop before her friends. Everything she wants, I pull to the side until the end of the party. Her girlfriends then go shopping! This is the great part! So, for every 10 items that sell that day, the hostess get a $50 credit to spend towards anything in my store! So based on her sales, she can walk away with tons of free clothes! I do this for all of my hostesses! Another great reason to book a party, is that I carry a broad range of sizes, from 4-24. So everyone can shop!

Q. Tell us a little bit about the truck set up.

A. Inside, I have 2 full length mirrors, a dressing room, lights, tons of clothes, a/c for warm days, a heater for cold days, I am also set up to take credit/debit cards and printed receipts! And there is always great music playing in the background!

Q. What types of clothes can you find on the Curvaceous Closet truck?

A. I carry sizes 4-24 from Designers in the LA area, so everything you see in my Mobile Store, you won't find it in a "traditional store". I have lots of summer dresses, off the shoulder dresses, one sleeved dresses, leggings, shoes, accessories like cute hats and clutches, jeans, blouses, ponchos, scarves, sweaters! Just about everything.

Q. How many brands do you carry?

A. I carry between 15-25 different brands at any given time.

Q. How much does an outfit run?

A. At Curvaceous Closet, I have designer clothes without the designer price tag! My least expensive items are $10 and the most expensive is $49.

Q. Where can people find the Curvaceous Closet truck?

A. If you go to my website, and check the event calendar, it will show where I'll be that day. I'm also tweeting where I'm at if I decide to just hit the streets (@CurvaceousNC)

Q. What has been your most fun party so far?

A. Hmm, they have all been really fun in one way or another. We sometimes dance, we strut like there is a catwalk when trying on clothes. I like to have a fun, laid back time. And there is always laughing!

Q. Does it cost anything for a private party?

A. If you live within an hour of 28104, it costs nothing to host a party! Anything beyond that there is a $100 travel fee.

Q. How can our readers set one up?

A. They can call me at 704.698.5464, email me at or go to my website at and send me a contact form.

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