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Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg Sara Kendall

Yearning for a family vacation where education and fun can be experienced at this same locale? Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect place for a family to learn a bit of history while away from home. Your family is bound to have tons of fun stepping back into America’s past.

Colonial Williamsburg

Reenactment Colonial Williamsburg by Sara Kendall.jpg
Reenactment Colonial Willimasburg Sara Kendall

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living, breathing history museum in the United States. A beautifully restored 18th century town complete with costumed actors creating an atmosphere as it appeared in 1774, on the eve of the American Revolution. The restoration and actors are so accurate that you catch yourself wondering, if you’ve somehow gone back in time.

Inside the walls of the Capitol, learn how the American democratic system was started through a re-enactment of Virginia patriots who voted for their independence. In the Courthouse, visitors can participate in re-enactments of a local trial and learn about the ways people took part in the colonial legal system. You might be chosen to play the role of the Governor, lawyer or member of the jury. After having your day in court, check out the Magazine. This is the arsenal where the colony’s gunpowder and firearms were kept.

Governor’s Palace

Explore the magnificent Governor’s Palace where seven royal governors and the first two elected governors of Virginia lived. In the entryway, the impressive display of period swords and guns is truly amazing. You can view elegant bedrooms and grand ballrooms or be a part of a public audience with George Washington in the Palace Gardens.

Trades and Shops

Silversmith Shop Colonial Williamsburg by Sara Kendall.jpg
Silversmith shop Colonial Williamsburg Sara Kendall

Visit the shops where knowledgeable guides dressed in period costumes will show you how trades were learned. Through engaging experiences, visitors learn colonial skills from the Wigmaker, Silversmith, Shoemaker, and Apothecary pharmacist, just to name a few. Questions are welcomed and encouraged everywhere.

Fife and Drum Corp

Drum and Fife Colonial Williamsburg by Sara Kendall.jpg
Drum and Fife Colonial Willimasburg Sara Kendall

You will want to make time to catch a performance from Colonial Williamsburg’s Fife and Drum Corp. Back in the 18th century this group played an important role in the military. In today’s Corp, boys and girls from 10 to 18 years old play militia music. Another popular reenactment is that of Colonial militia training with muskets and cannons.

There are so many things to do and so much ground to cover. Kids can rent costumes for the day, families can take carriage rides around the Revolutionary City, or go on a Tavern Ghost Walk at dusk. Customize your route based on whatever appeals to your family’s interest.

Playing Hoop and Stick Colonial Williamsburg by Sara Kendall.jpg
Playing Hoop and Stick Colonial Williamsburg Sara Kendall

Living history enfolds right before your eyes at Colonial Williamsburg, a place where everyone is bound to gain newfound knowledge on the life and times during the early days in America. Come to Williamsburg and your family will have the best of both worlds – education and fun.

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