Charlotte pediatrician “Doc Smo” releases parenting book

Charlotte pediatrician and contributor Dr. Paul Smolen knows firsthand that with many parenting decisions, just because parents can provide many things previously unimaginable doesn’t mean that they should. Dr. Smolen discusses this topic in his new parenting book, Can Doesn’t Mean Should: Essential Knowledge for 21st Century Parents.

Released this month in print and e-format, Can Doesn’t Mean Should addresses the tasks that all parents encounter: shaping a child’s character, setting limits, raising balanced, self-sufficient children, and providing optimal nutrition.

The book provides parents with facts and insight to facilitate decision making. The advent of smartphones and portable screens, the Internet, wide availability of processed foods, and a culture that embraces ultra-competitive academic and extracurricular environments characterize the times in which we live. The dramatic change in lifestyle parents experience today forces them to make decisions their grandparents never faced.

“My experience as a ‘seasoned’ pediatrician has given me a unique vantage from which to observe parents struggle with the can/should dilemmas inherent in life today,” Dr. Smolen says in his book. Giving parents fact-based, up-to-date, relevant information to help them make good can/should decisions is the goal of Dr. Smolen’s book.

Dr. Paul Smolen has dedicated his entire adult life to young children and families, practicing pediatrics in Charlotte, NC for the past 33 years. He is a graduate from Duke University, Rutgers Medical School, and Wake Forest University-N.C. Baptist Hospital. Throughout his years as a pediatrician, he has helped parents optimize their children’s diet, health, character, and balance. Now his insights are available to everyone.

Can Doesn’t Mean Should is available at , Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

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