Explore Jamestown Settlement in Virgina

Colonist Fort in Jamestown
Colonist Fort in Jamestown Sara Kendall

Walk in the steps of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas by exploring America’s first permanent English colony, Jamestown Settlement. Near the actual site of our original colony, your family will be transported back to the first days of America in 17th century Virginia. The excitement will build as you learn about the early days of our great nation. History comes alive through film, gallery exhibits, and outdoor living history.

Powhatan Indian Village

Powhatan Village Jamestown by Sara Kendall.jpg
Powhatan Village in Jamestown Sara Kendall

Meandering along the paths of the Native American village, you will discover reed-covered houses, crops, and a ceremonial circle of carved wooden posts. This village was meticulously recreated to match archaeological findings of the original site. Kids will discover the life and times of Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan. Demonstrations can be viewed on how the Powhatan Indians prepared foods, processed animal hides, made tools, and pottery from costumed guides. Visitors can grind corn, play a game of corncob darts, make a long canoe, and use oyster shells to scrape out the log.

Step inside one of the reed-covered houses to get a glimpse of how the Powhatan Indians lived. After you enter, you will be fascinated by the sleeping arrangements, cooking utensils, animal hides, and the campfire, right in the center of the house.

Colonist Fort

Musket Demo Jamestown by Sara Kendall.jpg
Musket Demonstration in Jamestown Sara Kendall

Within the walls of the fort, a living history museum recreates the daily life in the Jamestown colony. You can step inside thatched roof dwellings including an Anglican church, a court of guard, a storehouse, and a governor’s house. Actors dressed as townsfolk in period costumes work as a blacksmith, , produce leather goods, and demonstrate how to fire a musket. Seasonally, these guides cultivate food and tobacco crops.

Jamestown Settlement Ships

Godspeed Jamestown by Sara Kendall.jpg
Godspeed Jamestown Sara Kendall

Climb aboard replicas of three ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery that sailed from England to Virginia bringing the first permanent colonists. Moored on the banks of the James River, visitors can walk the plank to board any or all of these historical ships. You will find more costumed guides to assist you in exploring the ships and learning about shipboard life during the four-and-a half-month voyage from England. You might get a chance to steer a tiller, tie sailor’s knot, or climb into a sailor’s bunk.

The Museum

Costumed Guide Jamestown by Sara Kendall.jpg
Costumed Guide in Jamestown Sara Kendall

In the early 1600’s Europeans, and Africans joined the Powhatan in Eastern Virginia as part of the founding of America. Within the museum’s walls, guests can learn about how these important groups shaped the start of America. After viewing a film, participating with interactive exhibits, and with an eager mind your family will learn so much on the earliest beginnings of America.

Good to Know

Open year-round 9am to 5pm daily except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with longer hours in the summertime.

If your tummies start rumbling, there is a café onsite. Open from 9am to 5pm, serving hot food from 11am to 4pm.

Jamestown Settlement is just a mere 8 miles away from Colonial Williamsburg, making it a perfect combination for educational fun.

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