Roam Around Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont

Moon Keep at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.
Moon Keep at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Sara Kendall

A few months ago, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens unveiled a magical new garden, Lost Hollow Children’s Garden. Beautifully landscaped around an amphitheater and a naturalized pond, children can experience imaginative play within three acres artistically designed just for them, but engaging for the whole family.

The Garden’s designers even included a few Old European architectural elements from Daniel Stowe’s estate. These have been interwoven in the naturally shady garden, creating lots of surprises for families to discover. Designed with sophistication, there are 8 destinations that have been built into the existing landscape – a true lost hollow.

The Lost Hollow Destinations

The Commons is your first destination. It is a circular gathering place where visitors will pass over an all-seeing eye surrounded by six terra cotta chimney pots. Walk on over to Moon Keep, a towering castle, which doubles as an observation point. From there, you can survey all of the land before descending through flying buttresses to the next stop. Upon leaving Moon Keep, look for the Fireplace Cave. Once inside the five-foot high cave, gaze upon a night sky complete with stars and a moon. Next up, is The Manlet, a fort built of natural materials. Here, kids can frolic inside and secretly watch people pass by.

The Aviary at DSBG by Sara Kendall
The Aviary at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Sara Kendall

Wander down the path to The Aviary, a giant seven-foot enclosure that housed birds at Daniel Stowe’s estate. Kids For a true feel of the place, hop inside and take a spin in this unique, rotating aviary. Beyond the hill, you will discover, Sunken Pond. Stop and gaze into the pond to find a secret castle. At Hillside Theatre, guests can view performances on a floating stage.

As you make your way through Lost Hollow, you may wonder to yourself if there is an intended storyline that connects each destination. The true gem, you will find, is that there is no story to uncover. It’s entirely up to everyone’s own interpretation.

The Lost Hollow is an interactive, natural experience for children, which is geared for ten-year-olds and under. This portion of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden should take a family from 1 1/2 to 2 hours to explore.

Orchid Conservatory

Orchid Conservatory at DSBG by Sara Kendall
Orchid Conservatory at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Sara Kendall

Your family’s experience at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden doesn’t have to end with Lost Hollow. There are other wonderful features for families to enjoy. Plan some time to see the garden’s top feature, the Orchid Conservatory. Here you can view breath-taking orchids and luscious tropical plants.


ZimScuplt at DSBG by Sara Kendall
ZimSculpt at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Sara Kendall

Beautifully placed throughout the gardens, there are more than 100 pieces of Zimbabwean sculpture on display. Created from dozens of Zimbabwean artists using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Some of the sculptures weight more than 1,000 pounds. Please don’t let you children climb on them. This fascinating exhibit will be on display through July 12 and pieces are available for purchase.

Round up the kids and bring them on over to enjoy some outdoor time at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s. Get ready to experience a unique place where your kids can play among nature, learn about plants, and put their imagination skills to use.

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