Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency makes childcare easy

Emily Osborne’s Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency prescreens caretakers and facilitates the hiring process for Charlotte families with childcare needs.
Emily Osborne’s Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency prescreens caretakers and facilitates the hiring process for Charlotte families with childcare needs.

Emily Osborne, 28 of Mountain Island Lake, began Charlotte’s Best Nanny Agency in 2012. Over the past 3 years, Emily has over 200 pre-screened nannies in her database, as well as house managers, personal assistants, and babysitters. Keep reading to learn more about her agency.

Q. How did you get the idea for Charlotte's Best Nanny?

A. I am a native of Charlotte and love living in the Queen City. Throughout the years I have gained 14 years of nannying and House Manager experience. I am also a college graduate and received a bachelors degree in business.

I have always been an entrepreneur, starting at an early age selling crafts. Once I completed my business degree I knew I wanted to run my own business and thought my personal experience in the nanny industry in Charlotte, my entrepreneurial experience with my craft business, and my ability to anticipate people's needs would enable me to run the best nanny agency in Charlotte. And from that, Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency was born!

Q. Why is it important to go through an agency when looking for a nanny?

A. The care of your children and home is a very important position to entrust someone to do for you. Using Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency takes the headache out of finding qualified candidates to do this very important work.

Instead of going through hundreds of profiles on a national site that might not fit your needs, we do the work for you. We only send families profiles on the best pre-screened candidates that match a family's unique needs. This saves the family time and enables them to only consider the candidates that would be the best fit.

Another perk an agency can provide you with is a personal touch. I put 100% of myself into my job of finding the best candidates possible. Each placement is treated as if I were trying to find a candidate to work in my home or with my child. This includes in person pre-screenings, reference checks, professional background checks, and follow-up.

Having experience in the industry, and being a Charlotte native has helped enable me to provide my professional guidance to families to ensure the best fit possible. We also guide families on current salaries and benefits for nannies and babysitters, and explain the payroll options families have in Charlotte. This is refreshing to families as it takes the guesswork out of paying their employee.

We also provide a blank contract to each family we work with. This is a great tool, that they can use with their nanny to establish clear expectations for the nanny while on duty.

And finally, the one-year guarantee is also great reason to use an agency. This is extra protection so that if something happens to a nanny within the first year we will find the family a new nanny FREE of charge.

Q. What services does your agency provide?

A. We provide pre-screened live-in and live-out, full-time and part-time nannies, personal assistants, and house manager placements.

We also offer night and weekend babysitting placements, as well as special event babysitting. And new this year we have started working with some local boutique hotels, to provide pre-screened babysitting placements for their guest as well.

Q. How many families have you provided care for?

I have provided Nanny and Personal assistant placements to over 20 families so far. I service not only Charlotte, but all of N.C. and recently worked with a family in Asheville, NC.

Q. How does the process work?

A. The process for families goes something like this: A family fills out a application on our website. There is a button under the family application to pay our $199.00 non-refundable registration fee. This fee covers administrative fees.

After we receive the application we call the family within 24 hours to set up an in-person, or phone meeting. We discuss the family's individual needs and then send the family profiles of nannies that meet their needs. Next, we set up interviews between the qualified pre-screened nannies and the family.

The family interviews the candidates, and chooses the best fit, and we provide a copy of the reference sheet and full background check report. Once a family decides to hire a nanny, the agency invoices the family for their placement fee. An optional blank nanny profile is provided to the family to sign with their nanny.

Q. What are your rates?

A. As mentioned previously, there is a non-refundable family application fee of $199.00. The placement fee varies depending on the needs of the family:

Live-In Nanny: $1500.00

Full-Time Live-Out Nanny or House Manager: $1000.00

Part-Time Nanny or House Manager: $500.00

Temporary or Summer Nanny: $400.00

Full-Time Personal Assistant: 1500.00

Part-Time Personal Assistant: 1000.00.

Night and Weekend Babysitter: Annual Fee of 150.00 (Renewed Annually) This provides you with pre-screened date night sitters for the year.

Q. What does a registration fee and placement fee cover?

A. The $199.00 registration fee covers our administrative fees. The placement fees cover the background check and the work it takes to find families the best nanny possible.

All of our placements come with a one-year guarantee, meaning we will replace the nanny FREE of charge if something were to happen to your nanny within the first year of employment. Charlotte's Best Nanny Agency fully stands behind our placements and our families will tell you I do not rest until they are 100% happy with their placement.

Q. What type of screening do your nannies go through?

A. Our nannies go through extensive pre-screenings. First they must submit an online application and fill out the preliminary screening questions. I evaluate each nanny application and interview each candidate in person myself. I ask various questions related to their experience, first aid and CPR certifications (CPR certification is required for all of our nannies), child care, personality, and what type of position would be the best fit for them.

Then I personally build a nanny's profile. Once they have passed the interview with me, which only the best candidates pass, I check their references. All nannies must have three references. I call all three references, and write a reference report to give to the family, plus the family is invited to call the references as well.

Then they go through a full background check, which includes, a social media check, a nationwide criminal and civil record check, Social Security verification, Sexual Offender Registry check, and a Driving Record check. These checks are conducted through a local private investigation firm. They are very thorough with their background checks, and send me a full report on each nanny. Once a family decides they would like to hire a candidate, they receive a copy of the full background check report on each nanny.

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