Make this a “Summer of Service” for your family

The Lunch Project’s Summer of Service gives kids the opprtunity to get involved and share at their own pace and level.
The Lunch Project’s Summer of Service gives kids the opprtunity to get involved and share at their own pace and level.

The countdown to summer is on and kids all over the Queen City will be kicking back, sleeping in, and enjoying the leisurely pace of vacation….for 2 days at the most. Then comes the inevitable, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!”

Sara Morgan, Executive Director of The Lunch Project, has the perfect response for any parent who hears those words: Get going on your Summer of Service, and shares all the details of this flexible and fun opportunity for kids to experience the joy of sharing.

What: The Lunch Project supports school lunch programs in Tanzania. For just 9 cents a meal kids just like yours are given the fuel to learn.

Summer of Service teaches kids about Tanzanian culture and gives them a way to help kids like themselves. Each family asks the questions “What do we love to do? How can we use that for good?”

Watch kids become empowered as they design their own service project – former projects include lemonade stands, bake sales, talent show, soccer tournament, babysitting, movie nights, and more…

At 9 cents a meal – everyone of every size can help and know they made a real difference in the world!

Why: Summer of Service is an opportunity…

For kids to develop empathy by learning about the Maasai culture of East Africa

For families to put the values of service and generosity into action

For families to rally around a relatable & attainable goal – providing lunches for kids for 9 cents each

For empowerment, kids doing what they love to help other kids

When: June, July & August 2015 – On your own time frame.

Who: Elementary age kids and their families


1. Register for free at .

2. Drop by a “Packet Pick-Up” between June 6-30 to receive

Getting Started materials and free t-shirts!

*Or register and receive materials on June 6, 8-noon, St Johns Episcopal, 1623 Carmel Road

3. Watch three short (3-5 minute) videos as a family.

4. Plan & Execute your family’s own kid-led, fun summer service project!

5. Receive a personalized Thank You picture from the kids in Tanzania!

And while last year’s Summer of Service kids provided 6,715 meals to their peers in Tanzania, fund raising isn’t the real goal. If a child raises $3, feels empowered to for service, and delevops empathy for others in the process – The Lunch Project calls that a smashing success!

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