Networking for a better lifestyle

Nancy White helps Charlotteans achieve a healthy lifestyle with REJVN8U.
Nancy White helps Charlotteans achieve a healthy lifestyle with REJVN8U.

Nancy E. White, 62 of the UNCC area started REJVN8U in 2007. Since then, Nancy has helped almost 600 people transform their health! Not only does she have her own business, she also started Heart Link Network in Charlotte and is the Foundation Leader for the Women Network of the greater Charlotte area. Keep reading to see how Nancy can help you and your business!

Q. How did REJVN8U get started?

A. 8 years ago, I felt like every day was a struggle to get through physically and mentally. I was also 6 sizes larger. Alternative, natural health had been part of my life for 25 years. After incorporating some new, different nutrition, my life was rejuvenated. Friends and family could not help but notice and I could not keep the gift to myself. Since then, I have incorporated 30 years of holistic research with incredible nutrition to help others live their healthiest lives.

Q. What exactly do you do?

A. I listen, ask questions, listen and then make suggestions. When needed, provide additional resources to support individuals goals.

Q. What types of lifestyle choices do you typically see that needs to change?

A. Some of the things I help incorporate into people’s lives include:

Teaching adults and children to make better choices when it comes to what they are putting in and on their bodies.

Including children in helping to create healthier meals and snacks.

Making the best use of family time/fun/exercising together – turn off TV for scheduled family times.

Why sleep is important and benefits.

What great results come from drinking the right amount of clean water.

Q. How do you help them achieve these goals?

A. Together we decide what is the priority for their family and make a plan with practical action steps. Then I offer support, check in with them and am available for questions and celebrate victories!

Q. What is one change our readers can start doing now?

A. Decide in your mind, believe in your heart and take action on whatever area of your family’s health needs enhancement. When it comes to nutrition, read labels and know whatever you put past your lips becomes part of you within 36 hours. Add exercise to your daily life by walking 10 minutes per day, 5 days per week, and work to manage stress and sleep.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the Heart Link Network in Charlotte that you started?

A. I started the first Heart Link Network in Charlotte 7 years ago. Dawn Billings is the Founder. The Heart Link Network is dedicated to women who have great dreams of creating their own security and success. Goals are to lift up, honor, encourage, as well as strengthen our community. I love that we feature a local charity at each meeting.

Q. What are the benefits of networking?

A. Sharing knowledge, resources, support, building relationships, marketing and exposure, saving time, creating value partners, improving self image, and improving the endocrine system are all benefits.

Q. How many are in the group?

A. Meetings are limited to up to 20 ladies with industry specific businesses. We have had over 2,300 ladies attend Heart Link over the last 7 years.

Q. Are you currently taking new members?

A. Always, we do not have membership, and ladies are welcome that do not have businesses. We have monthly honorees as well.

Q. When do you meet?

A. We have a monthly dinner and lunch, usually the 3rd week of the month. Meetings are posted at

Q. Anything else you want to tell our readers?

2,500 women start businesses every day. Women network differently than men, and we love to empower each other and want to stay ahead of the curve. Knowledge is power, and experience and wisdom are given to us to share and sow into others’ lives.

It is hard work being a wife, mother, daughter to aging parent(s), business owner and taking care of self too. We go through seasons of life where priorities change and we get to change and make adjustments along the way as well. We can choose to do so as gracefully as possible - not perfectly - and enjoy the journey.

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