#summershareCLT kicks off 2 week giving campaign

Visit to see the needs of 49 Charlotte-area organizations and their wish lists.
Visit to see the needs of 49 Charlotte-area organizations and their wish lists.

It’s the middle of summer, which means we’re all knee deep in sunshine, pool time and camp schedules. So much for the lazy days of summer!

But something you might not know about this hectic season is that it’s also the time of greatest need for many hardworking nonprofits in Charlotte. Unlike the rest of us, need doesn’t get a vacation.

So for those parents who want to make philanthropy and thinking about others a normal part of their kids’ lives, summer is the perfect time! But between your crazy schedule and other commitments, how can you fit doing “good” as a family into your day?

The good news is that it just got a lot easier with #summershareCLT. For two weeks in July you can grab the kids and shop for things that local nonprofits need the most, all from the comfort of your couch. From the website, your kids will be able to learn about 49 local organizations, find one they love and pick out items they’d like to donate. You can ship directly from the website and there are lots of kid-friendly price tags!

Of course, you can choose and donate items as a family, or your kids might have some serious fun raising their own money to use when donating items during #summershareCLT! Here are a few fundraising ideas that are perfect for summer time.

House sitting

Your kids probably know someone going on vacation. They can offer to pick up the mail and water plants, and earn a little money for “good” at the same time.

Lemonade stand

This old standby is still a summer favorite. If your kids decide to set up their own stand, encourage them to make a poster about why they’re raising money. They can even use the hash tag #summershareCLT.

Car Wash

Another favorite, a car wash is also a fun way to stay cool. Again, a sign is a great way to let drivers know that every car washed is making Charlotte a better place.

Watering a neighbor’s garden

Watering your neighbor’s tomatoes and basil is something that even younger kids can do.

Mother’s Helper/Babysitting

Many moms find summer particularly challenging when it comes to child care. Offering to help watch little ones for a few hours is a great way to allow a mom time to get to the laundry or catch up on some work.

Whatever you decide, make plans now because summershareCLT only lasts for two weeks, from July 13-July 26! So once your kids have their earnings in hand, visit for the fun part! They’ll find local organizations that serve a wide range of causes in Charlotte, along with more than 100 items that will help them do their work, from books to ballet shoes.

This summer, giving back as a family couldn’t be easier. Get started at