Naps, Nights and Weekends: A Mom’s Guide to Freelance Social Media

Julie Ann Ball, of Grow Web Marketing, and her family.
Julie Ann Ball, of Grow Web Marketing, and her family.

Julie Ann Ball, 35 of Rock Hill started Grow Web Marketing, a digital web marketing firm, in 2011 when she was pregnant with her daughter, McKenna.

In late 2014, Julie started documenting her workflow to create a business starter kit, Naps, Nights and Weekends: A Mom’s Guide to Freelance Social Media, which is now available and is designed to help other mothers begin their own social media agency from home. Keep reading to see how you can get started on your own career from home!

Q. How did you get started with Grow Web Marketing?

A. I was working as a Digital Sales Manager for CBS Radio in Corporate America. When we found out we were expecting, I experienced a mind shift in the way I envisioned my career.

I started freelancing slowly, taking on a client here or there on the weekends. After McKenna’s arrival, it was clear to me that I wanted to be my own boss, to be in charge of my day-to-day activities, and to have flexibility for my family.

We didn’t know if this career change would even last 3 months. But once I committed myself to making it work for us, the business grew exponentially.

Q. What do you specialize in?

A. I specialize in all things digital. Some of my favorite topics are Social Media Marketing and Wordpress Website Development.

Q. What types of businesses do you help and how?

A. Grow Web Marketing is a 2-Mom creative team that helps businesses create or improve their online presence. Websites and social media are most businesses’ first impression these days…so we make sure they are good impressions for our clients.

Q. What inspired Naps, Nights and Weekends: A Mom’s Guide to Freelance Social Media?

A. While Grow Web Marketing offers a variety of digital marketing services like websites and SEO, I found more and more clients needing Social Media Content, Management and Strategy.

So many clients had social media accounts, but no time to post to them. They began to collect dust , which can actually work negatively in the eyes of the consumer. I mean, don’t you check out a company’s Facebook page before doing business with them? I do! I like to get to know businesses first, read some reviews, see if my friends like them and find out what they bring to the table.

So I began with a focus on creating social media content and posting on behalf of my clients. It was fun and a great source of income for me. Even better, it was a source of engagement and revenue for my clients. Clearly it was a win-win.

Through the many marketing consultations I did, I realized that I LOVE talking about what I do. I started writing it down so others don’t have to start at square one like I did.

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Q. What does the business starter kit entail?

A. 127 page full-color Course Book, 6 Customizable Templates, 10 Tutorial Videos and Ongoing Support (via a 4-week email Welcome Series and a private Facebook Group)

Q. What can moms take away from the ebook?

A. Through my own trial and error, I have identified a successful formula for running a social media agency from my home. By duplicating my model and using my templates, you get to skip the hours of frustration I experienced and get to jump right in and start making money.

What makes this course different from other courses and business kits, is that I cover the sensitive balance of work and home. The last thing any working mother wants is for her home life to fall apart while she focuses on starting a new business. Moms are the glue of the house, right? I cover tools (like Once a Month Meals) and commentary on how we keep it together at our house. Remember, I’m a Mom too…I get it.

Q. Do they need experience in social media before reading?

A. You need to have a basic working knowledge of the internet and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More importantly, you need the drive to have something of your own, like your own business!

Q. Is the course continual or how long does it last?

A. It’s self-paced, so you can work as quickly as your schedule allows. For ongoing support, all participants are invited to our private Facebook group where you can post questions, ask for feedback or simply follow along. I also post helpful social media news and commentary on the public Facebook page at

Q. What will a mom be able to do after reading the ebook?

A. They will be able to start generating income from running social media accounts for small businesses. Through this kit, they will learn how to efficiently start their business, acquire new clients, & execute top-notch social media campaigns. And how to not miss a beat at home.

Q. What types of templates do you provide?

A. There are 6 templates included:

Getting Started Planner,

Proposal Template

Income/Expense Tracker

New Client Worksheet

Monthly Social Media Checklist

Analytics Worksheet

Q. How much does the kit cost?

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A. Cost for the kit is $329. I am offering readers a 30% discount with the code CLTMOM30 which brings the cost to $230.30. You can start making money using your new skills right away.

Q. What makes Naps, Nights and Weekends: A Mom’s Guide to Freelance Social Media unique?

A. There are a lot of opportunities for Moms to make money online these days. Blogging and direct sales can be great for many moms, but just aren't for everyone. I’m presenting an alternative through Naps, Nights and Weekends: A Mom’s Guide to Freelance Social Media. This is a legitimate opportunity to do something fun (don’t you love to Facebook?) and make money - either on the side or for a career change.

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