Get your gear looking new again with CleanKidz USA

Clean Kidz uses a chemical-free deep cleaning method to transform car seats, high chairs, strollers & more.
Clean Kidz uses a chemical-free deep cleaning method to transform car seats, high chairs, strollers & more.

Lee Phillips, 47 of Indian Trail and his cousin Hoge Ronemus, 41 of Concord, has the answer to every mother’s dilemma....what to do about the stains and dirt lurking in the car seat and stroller she puts her child in every day. They started Cleankidz USA in May 2014 and have been cleaning car seats and baby gear professionally ever since. They hold cleaning day events for the public so you can drop by and have your car seat cleaned and dry within an hour! Keep reading to find out about their amazing service.

Q. How did Cleankidz USA get started?

A. Cleankidz started as an idea Lee Phillips had while cleaning out his garage. His daughters had just graduated into booster seats and he had some nice kids’ gear that he wanted to donate, but needed to clean it before doing so. He could not find any services to clean his items, so he thought this may be a viable service that parents would appreciate. He spent time researching and polling parents and an overwhelming response was "yes," there was a need for such a service. So the idea was developed out of a garage.

Q. What all do you clean?

A. We clean all types of kids’ gear you can imagine: car seats, strollers, high chairs, pack ‘n plays, to name a few. We have cleaned consignment items, and we have the proper tools and method to clean and sanitize just about anything kids make a mess in.

Q. What do you use to clean the seats?

A. We do not use chemicals as we feel that the best practice is to abstain from any toxins that a child will be exposed to. We have a method to rid of stains and germs naturally through steam. We will use a little Dreft and a lot of elbow grease if we come across a seat that needs extra scrubbing to get the stains out.

Q. How does your method work and kill even MRSA?

A. Our steam cleaning method has the ability to reach temperatures as high as 250 degrees F, which studies have shown is effective in the elimination of bacteria including MRSA.

Q. How does the service work?

A. We are able to work anywhere we can haul our trailer. We set up cleaning day events at childhood development centers in the area. We set up at schools and caregivers drop off the gear they need cleaned in the morning with their child. We clean on site with our trailer and have all the items dry and ready for them when they return to pick up child.

We are at Babies R Us on weekends and have been vetted by them. Parents can call ahead for an appointment time or drop off with us. They can shop or run errands while we clean their items. We can have a car seat cleaned and dried within 45 minutes to an hour on these event dates.

We also offer pick-up and delivery service, depending on our schedule.

Additionally we have had cul-de-sac cleaning events where a group of moms called us to their neighborhood to clean for everyone on the street. We even cleaned for a family of 101 We are completely mobile and have our own electricity and water resource, so we can set up anywhere.

Q. How often should we really be cleaning our car seats?

A. There is really no correct answer to how often someone should be cleaning her car seats. We have emergency situations such as diaper blowouts and other situations that need immediate assistance, and we’re happy to help. In general, we recommend cleaning every four months, especially for children with allergies.

Q. Why is it important to clean your child’s car seat?

A. As much time children spend in their seats daily, it is important to reduce the exposure to any allergens that they may be sensitive to.

Q. What areas do you service?

A. We service all of Charlotte and the surrounding areas at this point. We have schools in Mooresville, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Concord, Fort Mill, Gastonia and Rock Hill.

Q. How much is it to have your car seat cleaned?

A. The cost of our standard car seat cleaning is $29.95. We charge $9.95 for half boosters. All of our pricing is available on our website.

Q. Where can we find you for cleaning events?

A. Our events dates are found on our website and a quick check on facebook. You can also call 844-543-9178 daily.

Q. Are you Passenger Safety certified?

A. We are both Certified Passenger Safety Technicians through Safe Kids Worldwide. We are able to assist caregivers with proper car seat installation techniques. Many police officers and firemen have this credential. We offer this service for free and will help any care giver with this.

It is estimated that 75% of car seats are improperly installed in this country. In addition to cleaning, we find many seats need to be adjusted to fit their child. We are able to ensure that the seat fits the child accordingly.

We are always looking to bring our services to the many child development centers in the area and if any moms want us to come to have an event at their school then please contact us.

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