10 fitness tips for moms on-the-go from Grokker

Fitness can be easy anywhere you go with Grokker. Enter for your chance to win 3 months of Premium Membership.
Fitness can be easy anywhere you go with Grokker. Enter for your chance to win 3 months of Premium Membership. Getty Images/Blend Images

You may think there’s no time for exercise on the craziest of mornings or the busiest of afternoons. But Grokker, a wellness video network for yoga, meditation, fitness and cooking, thinks otherwise and wants to show you why there’s always time for fitness! Grokker offers over 3,500 videos, daily live classes taught by experts, and forums to interact with fitness experts and others.

Jaime McFaden, Grokker Fitness Expert, shares her easy to follow fitness tips for busy moms on the go. Best of all, no equipment is needed for any of these - they can be even be done while the kids are getting ready for school! Her suggestion is to start your morning with these 10 easy exercises - it is a great time to stretch and set the tone for your day - you can even do some of these with your kids.

Spend 20-30 seconds per exercise and repeat if time permits :

1. Countertop back stretch: Reach both hands flat on counter top, shoulder distance apart. Bend your knees until your back is in a flat line, continue pressing until you feel a deep stretch from your arms to your legs.

2. Alternating leg lifts on counter: Standing straight up and using the counter for support slowly raise one leg at a time and extend it back as far as you can. Once you reach your farthest range of motion, pulse the leg at the top.

3. Countertop pushups: Standing at an angle, place hands on the counter and lower chest while keeping a straight line with the body. Press away and reset.

4. Alternating knee lifts: Standing straight up - lift one knee up and hug it into your body. roll the ankle both ways and return to start. Alternate legs.

5. Countertop tricep dips: Face away from the counter and place your hands on the counter, fingertips facing the body. Lower down so that you feel the backs of your arms working and press up.

6. Wall sit: Find a space on the door or clear wall and stand against the wall with your back touching. Lower down so that your legs create a 90 degree angle and hold.

7. Standing oblique crunches: Standing tall with one arm behind the head, crunch the same leg towards the arm and simultaneously crunch the upper body. Lower down and switch sides.

8. Arm circles: Extend your arms away from your body and draw big circles forward and backwards, repeat and then do the same thing making smaller range of motion circles.

9. Squats: Stand with feet hip distance apart and lower down until you reach a 90 degree angle then raise up. (be sure to keep knees behind toes)

10. Deep breaths: It is always a good idea to start each day with a positive mind set. Whatever your mind believes, your body will follow, so spend a minute or two breathing deeply. Make sure as you breathe in to expand and as you release you contract. Think of a positive word you can carry with you throughout the day - even when the stress hits.

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