Free parenting webinars from Southeast Psych

Who doesn’t need a little sound parenting advice? Our friends at Southeast Psych, one of the largest and most-respected psychology practices in the country, is not only offering expert parenting advice - it’s also FREE!

Every Wednesday at 7pm, Southeast Psych offers a new, free webinar presented by one of their clinicians. The four webinar series for the month of September include:

Parenting Series

September 2nd –Heli-Don’t! The Inevitable Crash and Burn of Helicopter Parenting with Jennifer Fights

Healthy Living Series

September 9th- Helping Your Child Build Positive Body Image with Dr. Lauren King

Aspie Series

September 16th – Tips to Improve Social Skills in Kids with Asperger’s with Mary B. Moore

Athlete Series

September 23rd – Seeing is Believing: The Power of Visualization with Dr. Patrick Young

For more information and to register visit their website at: