Review: Know what’s in your diapers with Bambo Nature

Not everything that is sold for babies is necessarily safe, and that includes diapers and training pants. When you think of diapers, many people have no clue they can legally contain carcinogens and harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, asthma, hormone disruption and other issues including eczema, skin rashes, and chemical burn.

Scientists and health professionals have found dioxins, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and dyes with heavy metals in most big box brand diapers. Dioxins aren’t put in the diapers on purpose, but they result as a byproduct of the industrial process of chlorine bleaching. Luckily there are chlorine-free diapers and you can avoid dioxins which are known carcinogens just like you can avoid artificial fragrances (hormone disruptors and they can cause asthma), dyes with heavy metals (skin rashes and/or chemical burn), and plastic diapers that contain PVC and/or phthalates (endocrine and hormone disruptors).

Other known harmful chemicals that can be found in diapers are formaldehyde, azo pigments, and other common allergens. Diaper manufacturers do not have to list what is in their diapers, so there could be other dangers- especially inside the proprietary superabsorbent polymers (commonly referred to as SAP). These chemicals are in constant contact with your baby and can easily leach onto their skin, especially when sitting for long periods or in the heat. Many parents are unaware that their baby could be affected by these chemicals, but some notice skin irritations or chemical burns from the contact.

Last year, BabyGearLab wrote an informative article about what is inside of diapers, so if you are interested in learning more, it can be found here- The site is run by pediatrician and mother Juliet Spurrier, who reviews and independently tests all products that she writes about. Juliet purchases all of the products tested in labs or in the field, so these aren’t paid reviews like most parenting websites. Out of the 24 diapers she reviewed and tested, Bambo Nature was the highest scoring diaper for being eco-friendly, safe, and having excellent performance.

We are now in the potty training phase and it hasn’t been fun. My son has no desire to go in the potty- though he showed me for 2 weeks that he could before telling me he’d rather go in a diaper. He likes to take off his diaper after soiling it and then attempts to put on a new one, so training pants have been our go to. But we haven’t been able to find an eco-friendly training pant that hasn’t caused skin issues, until we tried Bambo Nature.

Abena's Bambo Nature diapers and training pants are made from 100% sustainable materials with zero chlorine in the bleaching process and zero optical brighteners. There are no dangerous chemicals or allergens in their products, they are fragrance free as well free of essential oils and lotions, the inks contain no heavy metal or azo pigment, and they are 85% compostable. We have been using the training pants for almost 2 weeks and I’ve seen no rashes or skin redness, even after wearing overnight.

As for performance, Bambo Nature is outstanding. We haven’t had any leaks, even overnight when my son wears them for 12 hours. I love the flexible elastic side panels that you can also easily tear at the seam if your child poops in the training pant so there are no messes when taking them off. The training pants are made for toddlers 26.5 pounds all the way up to 66 pounds in 2 sizes- 5 and 6. They also carry diapers for premies up to 66 pounds in 7 different sizes.

Bambo Nature is the only baby diaper in the world with a certified eco-label; called the Nordic Swan Eco-label. In addition, Abena pursues a comprehensive Total Quality Management policy with ISO certificates, OSHA certificates, other health certificates, and is a member of the United Nation’s Global Compact.

You can find Bambo Nature online at Amazon.comor Use the code BamboMC15 for 15% off at New users only, expires October 31, 2015.