Indoor fun when it’s rainy outside

This weekend’s rain is sure to cancel most outdoor activities, so why not get a jump on indoor fun with these ideas?
This weekend’s rain is sure to cancel most outdoor activities, so why not get a jump on indoor fun with these ideas? Getty Images/iStockphoto

Rain, rain, won’t go away…..but there’s fun to be had inside all day! All this rain may mean days indoors, but it can still mean a good time. Try some of these high-fun, low-prep activities this weekend.

1 - Turn back time - Make a time capsule by giving your child a box or a jar to fill with memories & mementos. Add a list of questions for him to answer and put in, then hide it until the next rainy day. See some ideas here.

2 - Outside in - Throw a blanket on the ground and have an indoor picnic. And who says tents are only for the woods? Put your tent up in the living room and let the kids “camp out”!

3 - Never bored - Challenge your child to a board game marathon. Tired of your own games? Give her a piece of cardboard and dice and have your child create her own board game for the family to play. For inspiration, check out these homemade ideas

4 - Dance the night away - Have a dance party, but mix up the music….let each family member pick their top 3 songs and create a playlist. Dance-off optional.

5 - Tear it up - Who doesn’t love tearing paper? Let your child tear up paper or old magazine and glue the squares into a picture. See how simple and fun torn paper collages are.

6 - Snap, crackle, pop! - This one is not for the faint of heart, but these mini marshmallow popper just require a plastic cup, a balloon, and a bag of marshamllows. Not in the mood to have food flying through your house? Pom poms are another great option and you can even make them yourselves. Pom pom instrurctions can be found here and marshmallow shooter instructions can be found here.

7 - American Ninjas on the loose - Have your child make an obstacle course to get through, time her, then see if you can beat her time! Get started with these ideas.

8 - Rolling in the dough- I don’t care how old you are, there’s something about play dough that is just down right fun, and when you make it yourself, it’s even better. Instructables has an easy recipe here.

9 - Lights, camera, action! - Kids love seeing themselves on the big screen. Let them make their own movies or tv shows. It’s as simple as giving them a topic (soap opera, mystery, action) and a phone for recording. Get older kids to write out a screenplay, direct, and act. Bonus: you’ve got a built in family movie night!

10 - Fort it up - Got lots of past editions of the Charlotte Observer laying in the recycling bin? Have your kids make a fort out of old newspapers. Newspaper, tape, scissors, and imagination - it doesn’t get easier than that! For instructions on getting started, see this PBS article.

11 - Make a book, scrap a book - You know that box of old photos sitting in the back of the closet? Grab a scrapbook page, the photos and let your child create his own scrapbook page.

12 - When in Rome, splash away! - And finally, if you just can’t take the indoors any longer, let them put on their rain boots and coats and splash in the rain. When they’re done splashing, have them measure the rain with a rain gauge, then dry them off and snuggle up.

Stay safe in the rain, MomsCharlotte readers!