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Trina Boyd, of Babysitters of Charlotte, and her family.
Trina Boyd, of Babysitters of Charlotte, and her family.

Trina Boyd, 30 of Southend Charlotte started Babysitters of Charlotte in 2014 with a vision to help parents find affordable and quality childcare. She now has approximately 50 registered members who call about twice a month needing a date night sitter, and over 100 registered members for nanny services.

Trina employs 20 active nannies ready for hire, so when a customer calls and needs a nanny, she first meets with you to get a feel of what you are looking for and then sends out a couple of nannies for you to choose from. All of the Babysitters of Charlotte nannies have a portfolio with all of their certifications including national background check and depending on what package the client chooses they will get monthly notifications of the nanny background. Keep reading to learn more!

Q. Why did you decide to start Babysitters of Charlotte?

A. I decided to open Babysitters of Charlotte because I truly have a passion for helping families. Our mission is to provide quality nannies and babysitters at your fingertips. So you can easily just call or go to our website and schedule a nanny or babysitter quickly. A client can expect to receive fast, high quality service because we have babysitters and nannies who are ready and able to work.

Q. What services does your agency provide?

A. We provide nanny placement services, babysitting services such as hotel babysitting, date night sitting services, and event childcare.

Q. What are your typical costs?

A. The hourly babysitting services for hotel babysitting and date night sitting is $16 per hour for 2 children, $20 per hour for 3 children, and $25 per hour for 4 children.

The typical cost for nanny service ranges from $1000-$6000, however, the placement fee depends on what package the client chooses.

For example, our Elite package is a 12-month guaranteed placement and starts at a minimum of $2500-$6,000 for placing a nanny. Additionally, the client would receive:

  • a national background check with monthly notifications of any changes
  • first aid/CPR certification and SIDS certification
  • the nanny’s driving history
  • the nanny’s drug screening
  • total of 10 references checked for personal and professional
  • the nanny will have 3 face to face interviews with the agency

The Preferred Nanny package is a 6-month guaranteed placement and prices start at a minimum of $1500-$3,000. That package screening includes:

  • a national background
  • first aid/CPR certification and SIDS certification
  • a face to face interview with the agency
  • references checked
  • drug screening and this nanny

Our basic nanny package is a guaranteed 30-day placement with a flat rate of $1,000, and includes:

  • a qualified nanny with a national background check
  • first aid/CPR certification
  • face to face interviews with references checked

Our guarantee ensures that we will monitor the nanny’s progress and if the nanny gets sick or in the case of nanny holidays/vacation days, we will place a temporary nanny in the full-time nanny’s place.

Q. How do you find your babysitters and what screenings do they go through?

A. The way I find my nannies is through career sites and word of mouth. I also network with a lot of nannies through the Facebook group Nanny Connection. My screening process is extensive and includes running an initial background check and a phone interview to get an overview of the nanny’s experience. While I'm listening to the nanny over the phone I get a feel for their personality and if they will be a great fit for the company. I then check the nanny’s references, and if I like the nanny over the phone then I schedule a face-to-face interview. A typical interview last about 1-2 hours, during which the nanny has to take a drug screening, and after the interview I usually view their certifications and answers to our application questions. Then I make a decision if they are hired.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your hotel babysitting services.

A. Our hotel babysitting services are awesome. We have partnered with about 10 local family hotels and when guests staying at one of those hotels require childcare, they call and we come to their hotel and babysit their child or children. The client can book a hotel babysitter from our website or they can call us to book a babysitter. Before the babysitter arrives at the hotel, the babysitter’s profile is emailed to the client with their national background check and their picture and resume.

Q. Do you provide long term care or just weekend babysitting?

A. We provide long-term nanny care, part-time care and weekend care.

Q. You were recently on Say Yes to the Dress, tell us a little bit about that experience.

A. I was on Season 7 of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta and the experience was fun and interesting. I applied for the show when my fiance, now my husband, proposed to me. The show called me back about 2 weeks later and did a phone interview and they picked me to come to do the show that Friday at 9am! The taping of the show took about 8 hours. I picked my mom and aunt to be on the show with me. The process was to pick out a dress for my wedding day along with my mom’s help and opinion, and I also had a consultant help me pick out the dress.

Q. How were you able to balance family life with being on the show and running the agency?

A. I was able to handle and balance family and work life by being organized. Organization is the key to having balance and to being consistent. At the time of the show one of my daughters was in school and the other daughter was at home with me while I ran my business from home, so I had to plan a week in advance and make sure my youngest daughter had daycare for that day and make sure my other daughter had a way home from school. So I planned and organized for that big day of the taping of the show and scheduled a quality daycare that was close by and the daycare cared for my youngest daughter and picked up my oldest daughter from school.

I have always run my business from home, so every night before bed I go to bed I make a to-do list of things that I need for my business to grow, and I stick to it. I also make sure the girls’ clothes are out for the morning. The mornings go smoothly as long as we plan the night before. I also try to get all my work finished before the girls get out of school so I can help them with their homework and cook dinner.

Q. What tips do you have for our readers when it comes to choosing in home (or room!) childcare?

A. The advice I would give readers when choosing the right childcare or nanny agency is to make sure they are a licensed center or agency. I would also advise readers to make sure they connect personally and professionally with the agency. Also, when choosing a nanny agency ask yourself the following: How available are they are going to be to you? Do they answer their phone when you call? What are their hours? Do they work outside of normal business hours?

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