Mom of the Week: Sweet Pea Stitching

Melissa Mott of Sweet Pea Stitching & her family.
Melissa Mott of Sweet Pea Stitching & her family.

Melissa Mott, 32 of Southwest Charlotte just began her company Sweet Pea Stitching. Melissa makes affordable unique gifts for adults, children and babies. She is able to customize, monogram and more. Keep reading to hear about her new shop!

Q. What all does Sweet Pea Stitching do?

A. I make a variety of custom gifts for adults and for kids. Some of the most popular are monogrammed hooded towels for babies, but they are large enough to grow with them. I recently customized one for a 5 year old. I make stroller blankets and bibs, and can customize onesies and other baby clothes. For adults, I monogram bath robes, towels, throws, and design seasonal tea towels, which make great host/house warming gifts.

Q. How was Sweet Pea Stitching born?

A. Sweet Pea Stitching was born from my desire to be a stay at home mom to my children, yet have an outlet for my inventive spirit, creativity and savvy with a sewing machine. I love to give good gifts and the best ones are meaningful and specific to the individual. That’s the heart behind Sweet Pea Stitching.

Q. You learned to quilt while living in Brazil...tell Tell us a little bit about living there and your quilting group.

A. My husband and I had the privilege to live in Brazil for about a year in 2008. While my husband worked I found other ways to occupy my time. I taught English to professionals and dubbed Portuguese programs into English. Once a week I met with an eclectic group of English, American and Brazilian ladies, who all had sewing and quilting in common. Most weeks we would sit around with tea and cookies and talk about life's happenings while they taught me the basics of sewing and eventually the intricate details of how to quilt. Each week I would focus on a new quilting technique and by the end of the year I had created a king sized quilt, with each block different from the other, and full of memories of my time in Brazil.

Q. How did you come up with the name?

A. Sweet Pea is what I call both my two children. The nick-name comes from when I was a child. The baby on Popeye was named Sweet Pea and my grandmother had a Sweet Pea doll that I inherited. Since then I have called all babies and our two toddlers from infants “Sweet Peas”.

Q. What is your favorite thing to make?

A. I love when someone tells me the colors or theme of their nursery and I get to customize a quilt or stroller blanket for them. It’s so fun to see the look on their face when they first see the final product.

Q. Do you take custom orders?

A. I love custom orders! The heart behind Sweet Pea Stitching is that every product would be a unique creation. Except in the case of intricate designs, I generally complete custom orders within 7-10 business days.

Q. What are your prices?

A. My items range from $5 - $45, with the exception of some quilts.

Customized Hooded towels are $25 and bath robes are $35. All of my prices include monogramming or embroidery.

Q. Where can our readers find your products or get in touch with you to make something personalized?

A. Email me at or message me on Facebook at

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