Book review: Nana in the City

In need of a new book for story time? This one is sure to find a nice home with your favorites on your shelves.

Everyone gets scared. No matter how young or old, big or small. That is exactly the case for one little lad who visits his Nana in the City.

Written and illustrated by Lauren Castillo, this picture book captures the heart of all that goes on in a big city from a little person’s eyes. The hustle and bustle of pedestrians heading to and fro, the fast subway cars, the clamoring sounds of noisy streets.

How could a Nana live in such a scary place like this? Surely there’s only one explanation. Nana is the bravest superhero of them all.

Title: Nana in the City

Author: Lauren Castillo


Dorothy H. Price is a wife and mother of two. Her first picture book, “Nana’s Favorite Things” will be published in 2016. Find her on Twitter @dorothyhp.