12 Meetup groups for moms (& dads) in Charlotte

Whether you are new to this whole parenting thing or are a seasoned pro welcoming baby number 5, it’s always refreshing to get to know other parents who can share advice, offer support, or become long-lasting friends. There is no shortage of groups in Charlotte, ranging from social to geographic to philosophic. Check out these 12 local Meetup groups where you can get know other moms and dads.

1 - Queen City Stay At Home Moms: Meet nearby Queen City Stay at Home Moms! Come to a local Stay at Home Moms Meetup for friendship, reassurance, and parenting advice, exercising with baby and lots of great information. All are welcome so come on!

2 - Charlotte Single Moms by Choice: This group is for those of us that have made the decision to become a Choice Mom. A Single Mom By Choice is one that has decided to have a baby via adoption or sperm donation without a spouse or significant other.

3 - Single Parents Social Group: Join us for networking, interesting discussion, and an all-around good time. We will get together to do fun things with adults and kids. Being a single parent is both challenging and rewarding. However, we find that having a network of other people in your same situation makes the experience a little easier and much more enjoyable. Remember, it takes a village...

4 - New moms of NC: Are you a Mom or a Mom-to-Be? Let's get together and meet other Moms from NC. Bring the kids and lets have some fun!!!

5 - Charlotte’s Natural Moms: This group is designed to have fun and meet other moms who are into organics, nursing, baby wearing, attachment style parenting, and doing our individual best for our sweet little ones!

6 - Charlotte Oddball Moms: Do you have an oddball kid? Do they have trouble finding friends? Are they more interested in computers, Minecraft, gaming, Pokemon...... Etc. Etc.? This may be the group for you!

7 - The Charlotte Outdoor Parents: Our goal is to provide educational and recreational opportunities for families in the Charlotte area to enjoy the great outdoors.

8 - South Charlotte Moms of Infants and Toddlers: This group is for moms of infants/toddlers born in 2014 and 2015 who are looking to fill their days as new stay at home moms. As moms of this age group, we are in a unique stage of life and need support from other moms!

9 - Charlotte West Side Moms & Tots: This is a group designed for moms, tots and babies (ages 0-5ish) in the Mountain Island, Mount Holly, Belmont, Gastonia, etc. areas, to connect with others in the community through in home play dates, community play dates and moms night out.

10 - LKN Fabulous Friends: Being a Mama is hard work, and sometimes can be lonely, more so if you are new to the area, so we wanted to create a group of fabulous non-judgmental ladies who want to form lasting friendships and watch our children grow together. Most of all, we just want to have FUN!FUN! FUN!

11 - The South Charlotte Playgroup: The South Charlotte Playgroup is a meetup group of moms and our little ones. We plan events for our mom-members and our children (five years and under). Most of us live in the South Charlotte area, and we get together to go the park, out to lunch, Mom's night out, a run on the greenway, and playdates in our homes.

And dads, don’t think we forgot about you...there are some really great Meet-Ups for fathers, including:

12 - Modern Dads of Charlotte: Modern Dads of Charlotte is a group for Dads who want to spend quality time with their kids and at the same time make some new guy friends while doing so. Why should Moms get to have all the fun? Moms have been having playdates for years and that's awesome. So why not dads too!