Burn Boot Camp helps moms train like athletes

Co-owners Lindsay Bushnell and Kyle LaneBurn.
Co-owners Lindsay Bushnell and Kyle LaneBurn.

As cliche as it sounds, mom putting herself last is pretty much part of the job description. Starting this week it’s just a little bit easier for moms in Charlotte to turn that around and put their health and fitness goals at the top of the priority list.

New to Charlotte is the Burn Boot Camp – Fit Community of Moms facility on Elizabeth Avenue. Co-owners Lindsay Bushnell and Kyle LaneBurn are using the Burn concept to help overwhelmed, less-than-fit moms and others to make changes in their lives and in their approach to fitness: transforming participants from a calorie-restrictions mindset, training like an athlete and eating like an athlete.

That means a supportive atmosphere with lots of variety - calisthenics, battle ropes, free weights, smash balls, kettle bells, hurdles, suspension training, and strength training. FREE childcare and walk-in classes (no signing up in advance required) make this fitness facility the perfect destination for any busy mother.

And even though the name has “mom” in the title, evening classes are co-ed, as are Saturday classes, so moms can work out with their spouses and make fitness a family goal.

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