Give the gift of humor with Tracy Curtis

When it comes to telling us what it’s really like to be a mom, Charlotte Observer columnist Tracy Curtis somehow manages to turn every mishap, triumph and endeavor into a humorous glance at the not-so-perfect world that is parenting. And no time of year highlights parenting challenges more than Christmas.

With her own special take on this most wonderful time of the year, Tracy shares a hilarious collection of past Christmas columns in her new book, Holidazed, a book that reminds us that nobody’s perfect - especially at Christmas! A perfect read for a late-night escape or a great gift for anyone who enjoys a good laugh at the chaos of the season, Holidazed is sure to be at the top of Santa’s gift bag this year.

You can check out Holidazed locally at Park Road Books and Paper Skyscraper, or purchase it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And don’t forget to visit Tracy’s column here.