Soshally Awkward: The new adventures of old cabbage

What new adventures does 2016 hold in store?
What new adventures does 2016 hold in store? Getty Images/iStockphoto

My daughter,Conley, is starting a new school tomorrow. Charlotte has a lottery system where you can enter your child for a chance to attend one of its magnet schools. Conley was wait-listed and started at her home school. I had not thought much about her getting in this year. However, our first choice school called yesterday and said that there was a spot open and could she start by Thursday.

Of course, my husband, Tony, and I were excited for her to get this opportunity and quickly decided that we would take the spot, but I knew that telling her was not going to be easy. I broke it to her after school. She wailed and went through a whole litany of evil, horrible, terrible, no good things that could happen.

I finally got her calmed down with the promise of pizza and a viewing of a favorite movie. When Tony got home he was trying to talk to her about her new school and she looked at him and said, "Dad, if it is ok, I don't want to talk about this right now. I am afraid I'll get emotional again. Can you talk to Mom? She knows all about it."

The rest of the evening went well but this morning when she asked if this was really her last day at her school the tears once again swelled in her eyes. I told her that it was and then I kicked my sales pitch into high gear. I painted a picture of this being a great new adventure.

Me: "We always have so much fun on new adventures."

Conley: "I don't like new adventures!"

Me: "You are so full of it! Name one adventure that you have had that you didn't like?"

Conley (without missing a beat): "Cabbage!"

It took everything in me not to collapse into giggles. The girl is going to be the death of me, but her timing makes me proud. Also, my takeaway from this is that at five years old my daughter's biggest hardship has been vegetables. I can live with that.