Moms of the week: PrettyPlease gives moms new-baby help

After becoming a new mom Amy Donaghy, 31 and her neighbor from the Chantilly neighborhood, Becky Priest, 39, saw the need for a postpartum concierge service in the Charlotte area. They now offer their services to new moms up to 12 weeks postpartum with their business, PrettyPlease. Keep reading to see what they can do for you!

Q. How was idea for PrettyPlease born?

A. After Amy came home from the hospital with her first child, her husband was quick to return to work. She was left feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities, recovery, and hosting visitors. Becky started visiting daily to give Amy a chance to shower or tidy-up and let Amy rest so she could recharge her batteries.

After a few weeks, they could both see what a big impact a little help could go. Thus, PrettyPlease was born. Who better than to start a business with other than your neighbor and good friend?!

Q. What type of services does PrettyPlease offer?

A. As a postpartum concierge, we offer individualized services and assistance including: scheduling follow-up appointments for mom and baby, assistance traveling to newborn baby appointments, running last-minute errands, minor chores, providing the mom with sleep/shower/private time, tidying up the house, support and company, arranging other 3rd party in-home services (yoga, pet salon, pharmacy and grocery delivery, manicurist, etc.).

Appointments may be 1-2 hours per visit with multiple visits per week optional.

Q. What was the biggest thing you both needed after having children?

Becky: Confidence & reassurance - I kept asking myself, “Am I doing everything right? Should I be doing something different? Is there a better way? Am I healing appropriately?”

And personal time - I wanted to feel upbeat and excited, but instead I felt worn out and blah. I knew if I could escape, and possibly sleep, I could come back with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Amy: House work - Guests dropping by daily was nice, but trying to handle a newborn’s schedule and having a well-kept home was nearly impossible.

And breast feeding - I was unprepared for the impromptu complications associated with breast feeding: pain, latch issues, thrush, and trouble-shooting all the accessories - from bottle parts to breast pump equipment.

Q. Did either of you have postpartum help? If so, did it make a difference?

Becky: I had family and friends helping, but I felt more in a position to host them then to actually receive the help I truly needed. There was so much to do that I didn’t even know where to begin to ask for help. I felt that most family members and friends really wanted to hold the baby instead of washing bottles or changing baby sheets.

Amy: My family doesn’t live here and my husbands’ family have full schedules. A friend or a family member would stop by to see the baby or bring a casserole. Except for Becky, I didn’t have consistent postpartum help.

Q. What has your customer feedback been so far?

A. Feedback has been extremely positive and well-received. Every mother that has learned about PrettyPlease wishes we had been available during their postpartum recovery.

Q. What is the number one service most moms ask for?

A. Our most popular services are: personal time (shower, rest, private), tidying the house, and running errands….the cherry on top is our Starbucks delivery.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We cover the greater Charlotte area with hopes to expand to all of Mecklenburg County within the next two years.

Q. How many assistants do you have?

A. Once we get off the ground, we anticipate hiring multiple assistants. We understand that the assistants who are moms themselves will be able to relate and may be able to share their knowledge and experiences with the postpartum mother best.

Q. What are your typical prices?

A. $40/booking hour

Or bundle and save:

$180/5 hours

$370/10 hours

We offer one or two hour visits up to three times a week for 12 weeks postpartum.

Our “Cherry on Top” additions may include: Starbucks delivery for $3.50, monthly crockpot meal delivery that ranges from $12-15.00, serving 3-6 people, and a seasonal gift “just for mom” that will make any mom feel at her best for $20.00. Our website always has the meal and gift update.

Q. Where do you see PrettyPlease in five years?

A. We would love to have a store front for PrettyPlease. Offering on site tutorials, seminars and retail for the expecting and postpartum mother. We would also like to expand into neighboring counties and become a resource to other businesses with like interests.

You can get more information at: