10 Purr-fect Panther snacks for Sunday’s game

My family has tickets to Sunday’s Panthers playoff game. Just not enough tickets for the entire family to go. There has been a lot of debating, begging and pleading in our house and many scenarios about who’s in & who’s out. I’m out in every single possible line up. Like not even considered a possible contender. Sigh.

No worries, though…I like my couch and my tv, I prefer being warm (did they say there’s a chance of snow for Sunday?!) and I LOVE football snacks. The consolation prize for whoever draws the short stick and has to stay home with mom is that I am planning on making at least a few of these easy and fun Panther-inspired munchies.

1 - Rice Krispies Jerseys (pictured above)

2 - Panthers Oreos


3 - Carolina BBQ Chex Mix

chec mix

4 - Football Pizza


5 - Spicy-Sweet Football Deviled Eggs


6 - Strawberry Footballs


7 - Sausage, Cheddar & Ranch Football Bites


8 - Tailgate Pretzel Sticks


Not in the mood to make food? Try these simple crafts to get things football-festive.

9 - Football Paper Snack Bags


10 - Football Juice Box Covers

juice box