A Few Good Moms: Diet

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The mom pours another glass of water and considers what she is “allowed” to have for a snack. She is on Day 3 and it’s going fairly well. Given how good she feels she ponders why previous weight loss efforts were unsuccessful. Then her son walks into the kitchen and asks, “Hey mom, can you make me some chocolate chip pancakes?”

You want the truth about your New Year’s diet? I think you can handle it.

For moms, often “New Year’s resolution” is synonymous with “Diet Central.” Many of us share the desire to lose weight, to get into better shape, and to be a physically better version of ourselves. There’s never a convenient time to do this; the gift of a new year is that it is universally understood that the time for action is now.

Not immune to this ritual I embarked upon a diet that is punitive in its early stages with increasing flexibility as you progress. I was feeling the pain when my husband and I joined friends for dinner at a cool restaurant the first week of my new eating plan.

While everyone else ordered fun cocktails I ordered a Pellegrino with lime. I finished that and ordered another to sip while yummy apps circulated around the table. Fabulous fish tacos dripping with creamy sauces and sides and loaded salads accompanied my plain Ceasar salad, no croutons, no dressing with a small piece of plain salmon. To ease my pain I continued to drown my sorrow in yet another Pellegrino that I pounded straight from the bottle like a boss.

The bill for my laissez faire approach to food had finally come due. A mom’s life is full of opportunities to eat poorly, to overindulge, to self-medicate. But don’t cry for me, Argentina. I have been careening towards this reality for quite awhile, with eating adventures that culminated in an epic finale on our family trip over the holidays. Highlights include fried everything with a side of beer in the sun, and a New Year’s Eve celebration of thin crust supreme pizzas and champagne in bed while watching football on TV with my peeps.

It sure was fun while it lasted. And guess what? The fun isn’t over just because my gluttony is. When I had dinner out that night with friends we had a blast . . . confirming that the good stuff is really all about the people in the end. So take heart, dieting moms: At first you may feel like you are completely deprived, but the truth is, nothing is more delicious than a big fat life.

Want to get a better handle on your diet? Check out new dietary guidelines from the federal government, applaud the efforts of local teens to educated kids on healthy eating, and laugh with Lucy and Ethel as they make quick work of some fast and furious candy.