Why the Park Terrace 6 is a great mom-child date spot

The Park Terrace , located in Park Road Shopping Center, will remind you of the theater you grew up going to.
The Park Terrace , located in Park Road Shopping Center, will remind you of the theater you grew up going to.

Coal Miner’s Daughter, starring the impeccable Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn, was the first movie that I saw in a theater. From that day forward, my love for the Van Lear Rose and movie theaters has been unshakeable.

Movie theaters are a church of sorts to me. They are where I go to find peace. No matter the chaos that may be swirling in my world, if I can make my way to a cold, dark theater I can usually center myself.

I have passed my love of movies and particularly those seen surrounded by overpriced popcorn and strangers to my daughter. So, on CMS’s early release day last Wednesday, I picked her up from school and surprised her with an afternoon movie.

Now, the Duchess, as her dad and I sometimes call her, likes her creature comforts and as such has deemed Carolina Pavilion 22 as her favorite movie theaters. She is fond of its Coke Freestyle machine and particularly the large, fully-reclining seats. However, we weren’t going there that day. No, we went to the decidedly and charmingly old school, Park Terrace 6 in Park Road Shopping Center.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the newly renovated Carolina Pavilion, for the same reasons that my daughter does. However, Park Terrace, from it’s loud patterned carpet to its Mad Men style marquee, reminds me of the theaters that I grew up in. Well, with the exception that they have a pretty sweet wine and beer selection. I didn’t get any adult beverages yesterday, but I would have had I known that The Good Dinosaur was going to get my straight up in my feels.

The theater we were in was small but it was well kept. I can’t really comment on the quality of the popcorn because the popcorn-loving Duchess basically had it eaten before I thought to stick my hand in the bag.

Charlotte has a lot of theaters to choose from, many with fancy seats and gigantic screens, but don’t pass up the throwback gem of Park Terrace.