10 Reasons Cam Newton doesn't make me tired

Like nearly every child in Charlotte, Lewis’ daughter Conley loves dabbin’ like Cam.
Like nearly every child in Charlotte, Lewis’ daughter Conley loves dabbin’ like Cam.

I think that we can all agree that the open letters to Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, have run their course. They make me tired.

First, there was the Tennessee mom who, like John Lithgow in Footloose, needed to protect her daughter from the evils of dancing. Next there were the people who wagged their family value fingers at him because he didn’t follow their rules on how a child should be brought into the world. And finally, we had the Seattle fan who claimed that Newton was undoubtedly classless because he crumbled up a sign or a flag or whatever (I was too exhausted to pay attention by this point).

Maybe these letters make me tired because I went to a college where couches were routinely set aflame after victories - and losses, and occasionally because it was Tuesday - so his form of celebrating is refreshingly benevolent. Perhaps they make me tired because in a country filled with mass shootings, poisoned water systems and an almost non-stop rhetoric of hate and prejudice, there are many things that I would like to climb atop a soapbox about, but joyful dancing, exuberant fatherhood and celebrating winning a game just don’t make the cut.

So, instead of an open letter, I am going to give you 10 reasons that Cam Newton doesn’t make me tired…I’m a 39 year old mom, not being tired is a big deal.

1 - He reminds me that sports, and, by extension, life, can be and should be fun.

2 - His cheerful attitude, even more than his winning record, made me care about an NFL team for the first time in my life.

3 - My daughter loves him and she is a very good judge of character.

4 - Cam is a shining example of giving back to a community.

5 - He has embraced the Panthers and Charlotte rather than jetting to a bigger market.

6 - QB1 has united a city of transplants.

7 - That Cam and Chosen dabbin’ shirt.

8 - Don’t we all wish that they made Band-Aids for feelings.

9 - He is really good looking. I understand that this is superficial, but let’s face it, the man is fine.

10 - Super Bowl. Super Bowl. Super Bowl.

Congratulations, Panthers. Keep pounding, indeed!