5 ways to have fun in Turks & Caicos

Beach stroll on Grace Bay
Beach stroll on Grace Bay Sara Kendall

We’ve already established that Turks & Caicos is the perfect family destination because of easy travel, warm weather & abundant accommodations (see Sara’s previous post on TCI here), but once you hear about the ways you’ll keep busy on the island, you’ll be ready to hit this gem of a travel spot for sure.

This award-winning destination beach scene is simply beautiful! So come on down and enjoy. Here are 5 can’t-miss, outdoor activities for your next vacation to the Turks & Caicos.

1 - Ride on a Horse In the Ocean

Provo Ponies Ride by Sara Kendall
Provo Ponies Ride Sara Kendall

If your dreams include horseback riding through the surf on a beautiful Caribbean beach, this is for you and Provo Ponies will make this dream a reality. All experience levels are welcomed and knowledgeable staff will match you with the right horse. Before the ride, you get an overview of the experience, safety check, a lesson on horse commands, and a fanny pack for your personal items.

Your horse leads you right into the ocean where the magic starts. The guides gladly take photos of you on your ocean ride. This experience ranks as one of the top excursions on Turks. It will certainly give you a lifetime memory!

2 - Go Snorkeling

Happy Snorkeler by Sara Kendall
Happy Snorkler Sara Kendall

Don’t miss a fabulous snorkeling tour in the clear turquoise waters. Snorkel right from the beach, jump on a cruise, or hire a private charter. We went with Sun Charters and had a phenomenal time! Whatever you choose, a visit with life under the sea is fun for the whole family. Some outfits anchor off a private island where you can go ashore to collect conch shells and sand dollars.

3 - Dine at da Conch Shack

da Conch Shack by Sara Kendall
da Conch Shack Sara Kendall

Beneath swaying palm trees, da Conch Shack serves the perfect Caribbean cuisine. You’ll dine at a colorful painted picnic table in the sand, only a few yards from gentle lapping waves of the ocean. Enjoy their famous rum punch and numerous, tasty menu items featuring the island’s most popular delicacy, conch. This restaurant is family-friendly, with high chairs and kid-sized picnic tables available. Kids can frolic on the beach while you relax with your cocktail.

4 - Adopt or Walk a Rescued Dog

Potcake Place by Sara Kendall
Potcake Place Sara Kendall

The island has it’s own canine breed known as Potcake. These medium-sized dogs are smart, loyal, and loving. You can apply before arrival to adopt one from Potcake Place, which has an average of 50 puppies or dogs available. It’s a rabies free country, so adoptions are easy to process though customs.

Not looking to adopt, then volunteer. A popular activity is taking a rescued dog on a walk to the beach. Participants line up starting at 8:00 am and opening time is 10:00am! Another way to volunteer is being a dog courier and delivering an adopted dog to its new owner in the States.

5 - Tour Caicos Conch Farm

Caicos Conch Farm by Sara Kendall
Caicos Conch Farm Sara Kendall

For the marine biologist in the family, a tour of Caicos Conch Farm is both educational and fun. The 30-minute tour begins with a presentation on the life cycle of the Caribbean Queen Conch. In the watery nursery, kids can pick up young conchs. Outside, you will hear about the conch’s life in offshore pens where they mature. The tour concludes with meeting Jerry and Sally, the resident conch mascots will quickly pop out of their shells to meet you.