A lesson in losing

I like the Panthers. Not love, but like. I’m a new football fan, a novice. Been married 13 years to a Raider Nation fanatic, who ain’t jumping on them Carolina boys’ bandwagon, even if we do live in one of the states they call home.

This year, I watched my first Super Bowl from beginning to end. The never-ending couch to kitchen tirade to pile on more chips and salsa, pizza, and drink, wasn’t my norm. My face stayed glued to the TV, waiting for Cam and the rest of those Carolina cats to deliver. They didn’t.

The more I read all of the comments and articles about Cam’s post-game interview, the more I realized two things.

First, how much growth and maturity play a role in achieving success. Pretty sure Cam could care less about hearing how he needs to grow and mature right now, but it’s a crucial lesson for everyone, not just Cam.

Second, forming opinions without knowing all of the facts isn’t wise. I think we’ve all learned a lot more about the real root of Cam’s less-than-stellar post-game performance.

Now that’s it’s all over, how can we, as parents, use Sunday’s loss as a teachable moment for our kids? Had the Panthers won, the headlines would’ve been totally different. I wouldn’t be writing this article. Denver would’ve sulked their way home. Peyton wouldn’t have gotten his second ring. Cam’s post-game interview would’ve been full of dabs and smiles.

Back to reality, they lost. It’s a game. It happens. There’s always next year. While I do wish Cam came to that interview differently, he didn’t. He messed up. He was emotional. He’s human. The lesson in losing I plan to share with my kids, is to learn from what you did wrong and figure out how to do it right, next time.

Like I said, I don’t know that much about football. If you knew how many questions I asked during the Super Bowl, you’d laugh. What I do know, though, is that Cam lost, but he is still a winner. Yep, that’s right. His team lost, but yes, Cam and the rest of the crew are winners. The Panthers are a young team (borrowed that line from a veteran football fan). The Super Bowl will see them again. This Panther fan will be waiting.