OMG! I’m going to Hollywood!

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A married Detroit mama moves to the South, gets divorced, and navigates the crazy world of single parenting and dating...and then blogs all about it. Sound like a sitcom script? If this Charlotte mom has her way, it will be. In this on-going series, The Truth Hurvitz blogger Jennifer Weintraub takes you on her journey that will surely make you laugh....because everybody loves to follow a good train wreck, right?

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Jeez, Jen. This is just a phone call. The woman wants to talk to you. Chill out. Bring it down a notch. She just asked to talk to you on the phone, that’s it.

So we made a “conference call” for later that afternoon. (Oh, that’s LA-talk for a group conversation on a phone) I thought I was so cool. And I thanked her, and that was it. I sat back in my chair. And I looked around the room. I was honestly searching for the cameras. I was clearly being “Punk’d”. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of a closet, and ruin the entire thing!

Was this really happening? Did I really have a call set up with a Hollywood agent? I took a deep breath in, and called every person I knew in the Universe. I wish I was kidding. The Call was set for six o’clock our time, which is three in Cali. Weird. It’s a totally weird thing to me, this whole “time difference.” It just messes with my head. And it did that day, too.

My kids were home for some reason, which meant I had to bribe them to shut them up. Yes, I did. I win Mother of the Year, I know. But come on! This was HUGE. I gave them each twenty bucks to shut them up. I told them to go in the playroom, and not to come out until Mommy was off the phone. And then, I sat. And I sat. And I sat….And watched the phone.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to wait for your iPhone to ring?

I was like, so nervous I’d miss the call. I didn’t want to text, or use my email…just in case. What if I missed it? Could you even imagine?

Then it happened. I saw my screen light up. It was a 310 area code. Holy crap. A 310 is Los Angeles. Just in case you were wondering. I waited for one ring, so I didn’t seem too anxious. I wasn’t going to be “that girl” like all, “HELLO! I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours waiting for you to call!” No, no. Not me. I waited for it to ring once, so I seemed cool, and calm. Totally calm. I mean, how could anyone be calm at this point?

So I answered the phone, and said, “Hi, this is Jennifer.” And that was that. I was talking to Hollywood. I was on the phone with the people. MY PEOPLE.

Well, I didn’t know that at the time. When I answered the phone, and I said hello, they were just an agent, and a producer. And I was just Jennifer Hurvitz Weintraub, a mom of two amazing boys. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina. And I still am. But now. I have a really cool job. I actually get to say, I’m a writer.

And on that 30 minute phone call, which I still get chills thinking about…I got affirmation. Pretty flipping cool, huh? My agent told me I was a writer. Me? And I told him, I wasn’t. And he said, “Jen, don’t you ever say that again. You are a writer.” Chills. And I still get choked up. It was really one of the best days of my life. Truly.

So that was only the beginning.

And there is so much more to this story, so keep on reading. And I’ll keep on sharing. And who knows…maybe we will all end up in Hollywood!

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