A lesson in embracing the fleeting moments in parenting time

Brian Garlock as a little Panthers fan.
Brian Garlock as a little Panthers fan.

Oh, how I miss that sweet face and smile!

While working on my promise to reorganize our miniscule storage space, I pulled out a plastic bucket filled with photographs. I flipped through the top layer and stumbled across a picture of Brian as a kindergartner decked out in Carolina Panthers gear… It took my breath away, as I hadn’t seen it in a very long time. It opened a treasure trove of forgotten memories…

Brian was a fan from the start, totally enamored long before he understood anything about football; to him, it looked like a whole lot of running and falling down, which at the age of 5, he very much loved to do. He also wanted to cheer and be just like his daddy… His enthusiasm continued to grow, especially after he and Beth met Sam Mills during a ‘Fanfest’ and got their football autographed.

Fast forward a few years and hundreds of pictures…

When the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl the first time, Brian convinced John to let him repaint his bedroom in the team colors: blue, black and silver. He believed it was the best way to express his loyalty to the team and celebrate their success.

I absolutely despised the idea and vocally opposed it from brush stroke number one. It wasn’t that I disliked colored walls; it was the abstract design of blue with black and silver stripes that I found to be a bit much.

Brian was thrilled-no doubt partly because I hated it-and his room stayed that way until we decided to sell that first house.

Today, my older and wiser self wishes I’d been more open minded and less buttoned up-after all, it was only paint. He was only young once. I should have found a way to embrace his enthusiasm rather than worrying about the color scheme of my house... Less focused on appearances, more focused on happiness, served up child-style…

When the girls wanted to put color in our hair last weekend, I threw caution and reserve to the wind. How many chances will I have to experience Super Bowl 50 with my children? It is for that reason I have two Panther blue streaks in my hair right now…one for Brian, one for my father-in-law Jerry but mostly for my girls, because they asked me to.

It’s all part of my goal of being fully present, living right here, right now, embracing this fleeting moment in time…

I like to think B & Jerry have the perfect aerial view of the action…

Wishing you blessings and hope…tg On Twitter: @briansmom061208