My life is a sitcom pilot

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A married Detroit mama moves to the South, gets divorced, and navigates the crazy world of single parenting and dating...and then blogs all about it. Sound like a sitcom script? If this Charlotte mom has her way, it will be. In this on-going series, The Truth Hurvitz blogger Jennifer Weintraub takes you on her journey that will surely make you laugh....because everybody loves to follow a good train wreck, right?

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So…where were we? Oh, ya. The call.

I was on “The Call.” And I was bribing my kiddos, and winning Mom of the Year…and I was getting my PEOPLE! Ya. I was getting my peeps. That’s where I left ya. A quick recap for those of you that are new around here.

Welcome to my story.

Not that it’s a really exciting one, but I think its kind of neat! I mean here I am a girl from Detroit, living in Charlotte…minding my own business, and the next thing I know I’m asked to write a PILOT FOR A SITCOM! Kinda. Sorta…Let me explain how this whole crazy thing went down, k?

The call was over, and I was shaking, and crying. Crying and shaking…and then there was screaming. I was clearly a hot mess. And if you actually read my blog, which is where this whole thing started, you know that “hot mess” is an understatement! I hung up the phone that day…and I started to question my every move. My agent told me to keep on blogging just like I had been. Nothing different; nothing should change. Just keep on doing my thing. But really? Just keep writing like nothing had happened?

He had explained that actually making a sitcom was a lengthy process. That it could go on for months, even years. That making a TV show doesn’t happen over night, and I needed to be patient.

Ummm, have you met me? Can you tell by reading this, that “patience” is not one of my strong suits?

He told me that I had a certain “voice” in my writing. And that I was relatable, and current. That although the blog was like a train wreck, it was funny…and poignant. (I had to look it up poignant. It’s a good thing!) And wanna hear the best part ever? He said my writing was “Seinfeldesque”. I almost passed out. My agent said, I had a Larry David-ish quality about my writing. Larry David.

OMG. I figured, I could just lay down and die. Having my name even mentioned in the same sentence with Jerry Seinfeld was good enough for me.

But I got nervous. I was no longer writing for just fun…I had to write for other people. For work. This was for real. Writing was no longer going to be for me, it was now going to be my career. The pressure was overwhelming, and I just kept thinking…who is going to be reading it next? What if it was some BIG Hollywood producer? Or a big actress, or another writer? I had to just keep on writing.

And blogging. Doing my thing.......

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