Get baseball ready with Glove Steaming Week

New baseball gloves need to be “broken in” before use.
New baseball gloves need to be “broken in” before use. Getty Images/Fuse

When my child first picked up the game of baseball, I was clueless. And even after 7 plus years of sitting on the field I am still pretty clueless. But the one thing I learned that very first season was this: a shiny new glove isn’t an asset when it comes to fielding a ball.

So after buying a beautiful brand new (and also stiff and unmanageable) leather glove, my son said we needed to “break it in.” This was done by a variety of old wives’ tale methods....folding it with a rubber band and putting it in the oven, parking the car on it overnight, and even throwing it in the clothes dryer.

Thankfully, by the time he needed a new glove I had listened to enough other mothers on the bleachers to know there is an easier way: glove steaming.

March 4-14 is Glove Steaming Week at DICK'S Sporting Goods throughout Charlotte and the Mizuno Glove Steamer is a free service they will offer when you purchase a Mizuno or PRO Series glove. The steamer breaks in a brand new leather glove in a matter of minutes.

According to the pros at Mizuno, the best way to break in a glove is the combination of heat and pressure, and while my archaic methods sort of worked, they can take weeks versus the minutes needed using the glove steamer.

Here is a step by step of the glove steaming process:

1) The glove is wiped down with Mizuno’s pre-steam treatment

2) The treated glove is placed the glove in the steamer. The steaming process takes a few minutes, reaching a temperature of around 130 degrees.

3) Once the steaming process is complete, the glove is then broken in with a mallet.

4) Once the glove has been shaped specifically to your fit and preferences, the glove will be treated with Mizuno Strong Oil, a conditioning treatment to soften and protect the leather.

And voila! You get a brand new glove that feels just right on your hand. Now if they could just invent a machine to get those crisp white baseball pants clean in a matter of minutes!