6 Reasons to Love Palmetto Dunes Resort

Biking to the Marina
Biking to the Marina Sara Kendall

Broad sandy beaches, sub-tropical weather, low-rise oceanfront development, and glorious biking trails, there is much to love about Hilton Head Island. My family spent a few days at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. Here are 6 fabulous activities my family loved the most on this beautiful resort.

Biking Everywhere

Biking around Hilton Head by Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall

It’s hard to resist the island’s more than 100 miles of paved bike trails. The well-shaded paths will quite often take you winding among picturesque live oaks with Spanish moss plunging into the scene making for a beautiful ride.

Riding bikes to explore a new place is one of my family’s favorite activities. With a range of ages and physical abilities, biking as a family easily levels the playing field and basically everyone can ride close to the same pace. My family rode everywhere we could and loved every minute of it!

The General Store (aka Cinnamon Bun Heaven)

General Store by Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall

The General Store is conveniently located and an easy ride from any place on the resort. If you forget your toothbrush, need a loaf of bread, or a quick and easy dinner, you can find it here. It’s a blend of a souvenir shop, candy store, mini market, and small restaurant serving breakfast and lunch items. Oh yeah, the heavenly, homemade cinnamon buns. These are a must devour, but don’t oversleep. They only make so many of these yummy treats, so they sell out daily. Of the many delicious breakfast options, this sticky, sugary treat was by far the best.

Scenic Kayaking

Kayaking at Hilton Head by Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall

Paddling around the Palmetto Dunes Lagoon Waterways was a great way to see the quieter side of Hilton Head Island. We booked a one and a half hour trip through Hilton Head Outfitters. After a quick briefing, we put in our kayaks just off their back deck to begin our scenic route. We all enjoyed the rich coastal environment seeing several species of birds, jumping fish, and even the occasional alligator lounging on the shore.

Biking to the Marina

Biking to Marina by Sara Kendall
Biking to the Marina Sara Kendall

It’s a fairly long ride, and riding through an underpass, that my kids loved, to get to the Mediterranean-style Marina. Once you arrive, the beautiful boats are the centerpiece where shops, galleries, and restaurants are waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss Neptune’s Statue, the world’s largest figurative sundial and the subject of many selfies.

Dining at Dunes House

Dunes House at Palmetto Dunes by Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall

Set back in the sand dunes, this oceanfront restaurant is the perfect place for any meal, but especially a laid back dinner. Known for their signature fish tacos, the gorgeous beach views, and breezy venue, Dunes House more than surpassed our expectations. We were lucky to be there on a night with live music. The band was Unicorn Meat – funny name, but amazing musicians. The staff didn’t rush us out the door, so my husband and I were able to finish our drinks and listen to the band, while our daughters played on the beach within our view.

Playing Pickleball

Pickleball by Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA. This sport combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong and is played on a court about a quarter size of a regular tennis court. Pickleball makes it easy for a family to play together and requires much less running due to the smaller court size.

My family had never heard of this sport before this trip. We played for the first time ever at Palmetto Dunes and it didn’t take us long to get the hang of it. The ball used in this sport doesn’t react the same way as a regular tennis ball. It did take us some time to get used to the difference of the ball’s bounce and we enjoyed the smaller court, but don’t be fooled, it’s still a workout. Bottom line, we are definitely willing to play Pickleball again.

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