A pilot? What’s a pilot?!

A married Detroit mama moves to the South, gets divorced, and navigates the crazy world of single parenting and dating...and then blogs all about it. Sound like a sitcom script? If this Charlotte mom has her way, it will be. In this on-going series, The Truth Hurvitz blogger Jennifer Weintraub takes you on her journey that will surely make you laugh....because everybody loves to follow a good train wreck, right?

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Well, months and months went by. And my agent kept me posted on all things Hollywood. I wrote what’s called a treatment. A treatment, is kind of a synopsis of what the show might look like. An outline, ok? And Pam, my manager and I, chose six of my best blogs to attach with the overview of the show.

We picked the blog posts that we thought best represented The Truth Hurvitz, and then my agent took them around toproducers, and all kinds of important people out in LA. So crazy-cool, right? And theytold me to sit tight. They asked me to just chill, and hang out. Give them some time to see if anyone “got it”. Make sense?

But they didn’t.

Unfortunately, without an actual script…it was just too hard to get a clear picture of what a sitcom based on The Truth Hurvitz, or my life would actually look like. They needed more. Producers wanted to be able to envision a plot with characters, a story. With life.

So, my agent gave me a ring. And he said, “Jen, it’s time to write a pilot.” Oh, sure Scott. I’ll just whip it right out. A PILOT? I don’t know how to write a PILOT!!

And I kid you not, I had to ask him what a pilot even was. I had zero idea. He told me to get a software called Final Draft, and start learning. And when an agent as good as mine says write me a pilot…you write the man a pilot.

So, my friends. I hung up the phone, looked at my mom, who happened to be in town from Detroit…and I started to cry. I cried a big ugly cry. You do know people go to 4 years of college to learn how to write a screenplay? My little brother is a screenwriter. He’s an amazing writer. I am not a writer.

So, I called him. And he helped talk me down off the ledge. And it was my little brother Ben that for my birthday last October, sent me this Final Draft software. Now, what he should have done was come with it, and just wrote the damn thing! But I was thrilled, to get it. And even more excited when I learned how to download the program. (I made my ex husband show me) And then I started to play…

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