Mom Gets a Lousy Half Percent Raise as 'salary' for 2016 — increases to $65,523

Mom’s biggest salary bump this year comes from her job as a driver.
Mom’s biggest salary bump this year comes from her job as a driver. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Each year for Mother’s Day, calculates the value for all of mom’s jobs for our Mother’s Day Index. This year, we found that mom’s “salary” increased just a half percent to $65,523, which is a pretty crummy raise.

“Mom’s salary didn’t keep pace with the 2.4 percent increase in inflation this year,” said Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for “Out of the 14 jobs that we’ve assigned to moms, eight of them fell in average wage, and only three jobs kept pace with inflation. Mom’s biggest salary bump this year comes from her job as a driver.”

The many jobs of mom

The largest portions of mom’s paycheck, earning 60 percent of her annual salary, come from these three jobs alone:

Childcare worker: 2080 hours per year = $22,360

Social director: 480 hours per year = $8,736

Teacher: 400 hours per year = $8,170

But not all of those jobs helped with a raise this year. These are the roles that kept pace or better with inflation – contributing 25 percent of mom’s salary:

Driver: up 20.7 percent compared to last year

Teacher: up 5.9 percent compared to last year

Personal assistant: up 3.8 percent compared to last year

The jobs where mom spends most of her time, however, either didn’t keep up with inflation or decreased in value:

Childcare worker: -3.2 percent

Cook: -1.3 percent

Housekeeper: + 1.8 percent

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